Bayside Poetry

Occasionally, an individual will share a poem written to capture the special nature of Bayside. On this page, we share those poems.


  • Bayside, A State of Mind
  • Summer Sounds

Bayside, A State of Mind

Written by Vicky Webster

As a thank you to my brother, Dan Webster IV, for keeping Bayside “alive” all year long

January 2008


The sounds of the waves as they lap at the shore

Lulling and gentle, a sound I adore

Sails left to ruffle, wind hasn’t come

Boats that lie cradled in warm summer sun

Voices, like whispers, glide through the air

Summer's upon us, no worries, no cares


Gulls overhead sing the song of the sea

Salty air tastes like sweet candy to me

Flip flops and swim suits color the dock

Beach glass and play things scatter the rocks

Laughter and chit-chat waft through the park

Friendships and romance bloom after dark


Parlors and porches glean with delight

Past summers' relations brought back to life

White wicker creeks as it rocks on and on

Memories made simple, that’s our Bayside song

Cocktails are clinking, against the glass

Impromptu gatherings, time passes fast


Sailing school, races, yacht club and more

Garden party, July 4th, friends at the door

Bonfire, beach wood set all aglow

Only a few of us ever will know

The love and devotion to this little place

Left etched in our minds in its own special space


Moorings and trailers, dinghies and dogs

Driftwood and lilies, raccoons, bugs and fog

Pancakes and clam bakes, hot dogs and cold brew

All of the senses are triggered, it’s true

Lending a hand to neighbors and friends

Getting involved, the fun never ends


Rain drops on rooftops and stoves burning bright

Games, and just hanging, youth’s great delight

Spinning the bottle and, oh, truth or dare

Things sent up flag poles…I wasn’t there!

Sock hops and overnights made without cares

Bald Rock and Camden , the ole’ Belfast Fair


Sunsets and dew drops fade from our minds

But memories swell up when we close our eyes

Children and old folks, we all feel the same

First sight of Bayside, the dock and the bay

Doors swung wide open and things to explore

I feel it coming, it’s summer once more!


Enjoy every moment of this special place

Because like a treasure, we have been graced

Share it, and care for it, then pass it on…

It’s priceless and fragile, don’t let things go wrong

The memories and daydreams, the gestures so kind

Bayside is truly, A State of Mind

Summer Sounds

Written by Paula Reilly

For the first day of summer

June 21, 2009


The song of a loon, the slap of an oar,

The call of a friend through our cottage screen door.


The moan of the moon as it smiles on the sea.

The whisper of dawn as it gently wakes me.


The laughter of children at play in the park,

The crackle of bonfire flames after dark.


The twang of a basketball dribbled up court,

The sizzle of fireworks seen from our port.


The screams of first timers who wrestle with fear,

Then dive, side by side, off the end of the pier.


The swish of the wind as it kisses my face,

In this magical, mystical, musical place.


The snap of the flag that brings us all pride,

As it flies beside waves every day in Bayside.