2007 Picture-of-the-Day Archives

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2007-01-03 Happy New Year by Lojek2007-01-03 Happy New Year by Lojek 2007-01-04 Golf Course Sentry by Alli Webster2007-01-04 Golf Course Sentry by Alli Webster 2007-01-05 Owls Head Dock by Stalla2007-01-05 Owls Head Dock by Stalla 2007-01-08 Happy Birthday Charmaine2007-01-08 Happy Birthday Charmaine 2007-01-09 Broadway Early 1900s from Leaming2007-01-09 Broadway Early 1900s from Leaming 2007-01-10 Waldo-Hancock Bridge Opening by Cassidy2007-01-10 Waldo-Hancock Bridge Opening by Cassidy 2007-01-11 Wharf at Rest by Coughlin2007-01-11 Wharf at Rest by Coughlin 2007-01-12 Snowy Deck by Webster2007-01-12 Snowy Deck by Webster 2007-01-15 January Sail by Gilmore2007-01-15 January Sail by Gilmore 2007-01-16 First Full Moon of 2007 by Lacoste2007-01-16 First Full Moon of 2007 by Lacoste 2007-01-17 Polar Bear Club at Lincolnville Beach by Cassidy2007-01-17 Polar Bear Club at Lincolnville Beach by Cassidy 2007-01-18 Rockland Light House by Lojek2007-01-18 Rockland Light House by Lojek 2007-01-19 Cool Bayside by Alli Webster2007-01-19 Cool Bayside by Alli Webster 2007-01-22 Secret Water in Barn by Hall2007-01-22 Secret Water in Barn by Hall 2007-01-23 Hung Out to Dry by Montgomery2007-01-23 Hung Out to Dry by Montgomery 2007-01-24 Winter in Bayside Postcard from Vlodek2007-01-24 Winter in Bayside Postcard from Vlodek 2007-01-25 Belfast at Christmastime by Sheffield2007-01-25 Belfast at Christmastime by Sheffield 2007-01-26 Iced Woodpile by Allison Webster2007-01-26 Iced Woodpile by Allison Webster 2007-01-29 Bow Ornaments by Lacoste2007-01-29 Bow Ornaments by Lacoste 2007-01-30 Bayside Snowfall by Cassidy2007-01-30 Bayside Snowfall by Cassidy 2007-01-31 Christmas Eve Star by Stalla2007-01-31 Christmas Eve Star by Stalla 2007-02-01 Lifeguard on Duty by Alli Webster2007-02-01 Lifeguard on Duty by Alli Webster 2007-02-02 Frozen Moose by Lojek2007-02-02 Frozen Moose by Lojek 2007-02-05 Coldest Day by Ford2007-02-05 Coldest Day by Ford 2007-02-06 Caleb Cannonball by Kelly2007-02-06 Caleb Cannonball by Kelly 2007-02-07 Favorite Spot by Kennedy2007-02-07 Favorite Spot by Kennedy 2007-02-08 Decked Out for Christmas by Cassidy2007-02-08 Decked Out for Christmas by Cassidy 2007-02-09 Night Light by Lojek2007-02-09 Night Light by Lojek 2007-02-12 Depth Perception by Kelly2007-02-12 Depth Perception by Kelly 2007-02-13 Burgee in Bahamas by Montgomery2007-02-13 Burgee in Bahamas by Montgomery 2007-02-14 Happy Valentines Day by Merchant2007-02-14 Happy Valentines Day by Merchant 2007-02-15 Brilliant Sky by Stalla2007-02-15 Brilliant Sky by Stalla 2007-02-16 Ferry Landing Christmas by Cassidy2007-02-16 Ferry Landing Christmas by Cassidy 2007-02-19 New Boat Float by Fuller2007-02-19 New Boat Float by Fuller 2007-02-20 Siberian Bayside by Mabee2007-02-20 Siberian Bayside by Mabee 2007-02-21 Wharf at Night by Schatzel2007-02-21 Wharf at Night by Schatzel 2007-02-22 Light Air Beat by Hall2007-02-22 Light Air Beat by Hall 2007-02-23 Adrift at Sea by Scholhamer2007-02-23 Adrift at Sea by Scholhamer 2007-02-26 Fish Rock by Stalla2007-02-26 Fish Rock by Stalla 2007-02-27 Park Row at Dusk by Schatzel2007-02-27 Park Row at Dusk by Schatzel 2007-02-28 Castaway  by Scholhamer2007-02-28 Castaway by Scholhamer 2007-03-01 Flying with the Seagulls by Leaming2007-03-01 Flying with the Seagulls by Leaming 2007-03-02 Safety Test by White2007-03-02 Safety Test by White 2007-03-05 Old Salt by Witherill2007-03-05 Old Salt by Witherill 2007-03-06 Star Over Bayside by Mabee2007-03-06 Star Over Bayside by Mabee 2007-03-07 Mother and Daughter by Lincoln2007-03-07 Mother and Daughter by Lincoln 2007-03-08 Motored Out by Scholhamer2007-03-08 Motored Out by Scholhamer 2007-03-09 Frozen Spray by Leaming2007-03-09 Frozen Spray by Leaming 2007-03-12 Panorama by Merchant2007-03-12 Panorama by Merchant 2007-03-13 The Storm by Mabee2007-03-13 The Storm by Mabee 2007-03-14 Locomotive by Crowe2007-03-14 Locomotive by Crowe 2007-03-15 Dancing on the Beach by Lojek2007-03-15 Dancing on the Beach by Lojek 2007-03-16 Campground from Leaming2007-03-16 Campground from Leaming 2007-03-18 Washed Out by Closter2007-03-18 Washed Out by Closter 2007-03-19 Hardcore Sailor by Bradford2007-03-19 Hardcore Sailor by Bradford 2007-03-20 State of Maine by Crowe2007-03-20 State of Maine by Crowe 2007-03-21 Beach Ball by Janeen Sencabaugh2007-03-21 Beach Ball by Janeen Sencabaugh 2007-03-22 Treehugger by Webster2007-03-22 Treehugger by Webster 2007-03-23 John Dykstra the Fisherman by Rosenblum2007-03-23 John Dykstra the Fisherman by Rosenblum 2007-03-26 AM Lobsterman by Smith2007-03-26 AM Lobsterman by Smith 2007-03-27 After the Storm by Mabee2007-03-27 After the Storm by Mabee 2007-03-28 Amy Rowe by Sprock2007-03-28 Amy Rowe by Sprock 2007-03-29 Jr Yacht Club Trip by Cassidy2007-03-29 Jr Yacht Club Trip by Cassidy 2007-03-30 Red Sky in the Morning by Rosenblum2007-03-30 Red Sky in the Morning by Rosenblum 2007-04-02 Jenny by Stalla2007-04-02 Jenny by Stalla 2007-04-03 Lobster Buoy by Cassidy2007-04-03 Lobster Buoy by Cassidy 2007-04-04 Calm South Shore by Sheffield2007-04-04 Calm South Shore by Sheffield 2007-04-05 Lawn Boy by Cassidy2007-04-05 Lawn Boy by Cassidy 2007-04-06 Snorkeling in Maine from Samway2007-04-06 Snorkeling in Maine from Samway 2007-04-09 Happy Birthday Alli2007-04-09 Happy Birthday Alli 2007-04-10 Snowboy by Lacoste2007-04-10 Snowboy by Lacoste 2007-04-11 Spring in Bayside by Cressey2007-04-11 Spring in Bayside by Cressey 2007-04-12 Spring in Bayside by Crofoot2007-04-12 Spring in Bayside by Crofoot 2007-04-13 Renys by Webster2007-04-13 Renys by Webster 2007-04-16 Spring by Closter2007-04-16 Spring by Closter 2007-04-17 Almost Lights Out at Rockland by Lojek2007-04-17 Almost Lights Out at Rockland by Lojek 2007-04-18 AIR by Coughlin2007-04-18 AIR by Coughlin 2007-04-19 Bayside Lobster Traps by Smith2007-04-19 Bayside Lobster Traps by Smith 2007-04-20 Flashback to Summer by Bradford2007-04-20 Flashback to Summer by Bradford 2007-04-23 Wharf at Dawn by Stalla2007-04-23 Wharf at Dawn by Stalla 2007-04-24 Waiting for Spring by Lojek2007-04-24 Waiting for Spring by Lojek 2007-04-25 Tough Guys by Cassidy2007-04-25 Tough Guys by Cassidy 2007-04-26 Vanilla Frosting by Stalla2007-04-26 Vanilla Frosting by Stalla 2007-04-27 Three Boats by Brian Crowe2007-04-27 Three Boats by Brian Crowe 2007-04-30 Wharf After the Storm by Witherill2007-04-30 Wharf After the Storm by Witherill 2007-05-01 Ice Cream by Kelly2007-05-01 Ice Cream by Kelly 2007-05-02 Birds at Sunrise by Stalla2007-05-02 Birds at Sunrise by Stalla 2007-05-03 Sand Beach at Acadia by Sprock2007-05-03 Sand Beach at Acadia by Sprock 2007-05-04 West Bay Race by White2007-05-04 West Bay Race by White 2007-05-07 Porch Silhouette by Stalla2007-05-07 Porch Silhouette by Stalla 2007-05-08 Marshalls Cove by Kelly2007-05-08 Marshalls Cove by Kelly 2007-05-09 Melones by Cassidy2007-05-09 Melones by Cassidy 2007-05-10 Safety Test by White2007-05-10 Safety Test by White 2007-05-11 Last Sunrise of 2006 at Saturday Cove by Lojek2007-05-11 Last Sunrise of 2006 at Saturday Cove by Lojek 2007-05-14 Morning Stroll by Stalla2007-05-14 Morning Stroll by Stalla 2007-05-15 Broadway Carriage from Leaming2007-05-15 Broadway Carriage from Leaming 2007-05-16 Sea Road by Robbins2007-05-16 Sea Road by Robbins 2007-05-17 Bay Chase by Kelly2007-05-17 Bay Chase by Kelly 2007-05-18 Friends by Crowley2007-05-18 Friends by Crowley 2007-05-21 Flashback to 1969 from Huntoon2007-05-21 Flashback to 1969 from Huntoon 2007-05-22 Bayside Morning by Stalla2007-05-22 Bayside Morning by Stalla 2007-05-23 The Recalibrator by Leaming2007-05-23 The Recalibrator by Leaming 2007-05-24 Time to Put in the Moorings by Bradford2007-05-24 Time to Put in the Moorings by Bradford 2007-05-25 Banshee Becalmed by Robbins2007-05-25 Banshee Becalmed by Robbins 2007-05-28 Bring on the Boats by Bradford2007-05-28 Bring on the Boats by Bradford 2007-05-29 Now Hear This by Leaming2007-05-29 Now Hear This by Leaming 2007-05-30 He Scores by Leaming2007-05-30 He Scores by Leaming 2007-05-31 No Need for Speed Limit by Kelly2007-05-31 No Need for Speed Limit by Kelly 2007-06-01 Slide Preparations by Cassidy2007-06-01 Slide Preparations by Cassidy 2007-06-04 Thumbs Up by Kelly2007-06-04 Thumbs Up by Kelly 2007-06-05 Wharf Crew by Samway2007-06-05 Wharf Crew by Samway 2007-06-06 Bass Harbor Duck by Robbins2007-06-06 Bass Harbor Duck by Robbins 2007-06-07 May Schooner by Kelly2007-06-07 May Schooner by Kelly 2007-06-08 Happy Anniversary by Samway2007-06-08 Happy Anniversary by Samway 2007-06-11 Happy Birthday Lisa2007-06-11 Happy Birthday Lisa 2007-06-12 Coast Guard and Windjammer by Bradford2007-06-12 Coast Guard and Windjammer by Bradford 2007-06-13 April Noreaster by Sebastianelli2007-06-13 April Noreaster by Sebastianelli 2007-06-14 At the Helm by Kelly2007-06-14 At the Helm by Kelly 2007-06-15 Step One by Leaming2007-06-15 Step One by Leaming 2007-06-18 Bayside Twilight by Sebastianelli2007-06-18 Bayside Twilight by Sebastianelli 2007-06-19 Catch of the Day by Lojek2007-06-19 Catch of the Day by Lojek 2007-06-20 Fort Point Lighthouse Celebration by Sherman2007-06-20 Fort Point Lighthouse Celebration by Sherman 2007-06-21 Camden by McGee2007-06-21 Camden by McGee 2007-06-22 Surreal Belfast by Sebastianelli2007-06-22 Surreal Belfast by Sebastianelli 2007-06-25 Bridgefest by Sherman2007-06-25 Bridgefest by Sherman 2007-06-26 First Cruise Ship of the Season by Bradford2007-06-26 First Cruise Ship of the Season by Bradford 2007-06-27 Passagassawakeag River by Sebastianelli2007-06-27 Passagassawakeag River by Sebastianelli 2007-06-28 Happy Birthday Webster Twins2007-06-28 Happy Birthday Webster Twins 2007-06-29 Low Tide in Camden by McGee2007-06-29 Low Tide in Camden by McGee 2007-07-02 Red Sky at Daylight by Lojek2007-07-02 Red Sky at Daylight by Lojek 2007-07-03 A Different Perspective by Hall2007-07-03 A Different Perspective by Hall 2007-07-04 The Landing by Rohweder2007-07-04 The Landing by Rohweder 2007-07-05 Bonfire by Nealey2007-07-05 Bonfire by Nealey 2007-07-06 First Light from Hog Island by Sebastianelli2007-07-06 First Light from Hog Island by Sebastianelli 2007-07-09 Tug of War by Eastty2007-07-09 Tug of War by Eastty 2007-07-10 Balloon Toss Winners by Eastty2007-07-10 Balloon Toss Winners by Eastty 2007-07-11 Turtle Head Rainbow by Lentz2007-07-11 Turtle Head Rainbow by Lentz 2007-07-12 Old and New by Sherman2007-07-12 Old and New by Sherman 2007-07-13 Greased Watermelon by Eastty2007-07-13 Greased Watermelon by Eastty 2007-07-16 Lady by Linn2007-07-16 Lady by Linn 2007-07-17 Windjammer Fleet by Bradford2007-07-17 Windjammer Fleet by Bradford 2007-07-18 Camden Harbor by Tully2007-07-18 Camden Harbor by Tully 2007-07-19 Raining Over Islesboro by Lojek2007-07-19 Raining Over Islesboro by Lojek 2007-07-20 Clary Hill by Sebastianelli2007-07-20 Clary Hill by Sebastianelli 2007-07-21 JYC Car Wash2007-07-21 JYC Car Wash 2007-07-23 Judith Anne from Rossetti2007-07-23 Judith Anne from Rossetti 2007-07-24 Belfast Fireworks by Nealey2007-07-24 Belfast Fireworks by Nealey 2007-07-25 Warren Island Overnight by Huntoon2007-07-25 Warren Island Overnight by Huntoon 2007-07-26 Wharf Color by Leaming2007-07-26 Wharf Color by Leaming 2007-07-27 Merithew Square by Tully2007-07-27 Merithew Square by Tully 2007-07-30 Passing Front by Sebastianelli2007-07-30 Passing Front by Sebastianelli 2007-07-31 Ohio Girls by Grindle2007-07-31 Ohio Girls by Grindle 2007-08-01 Sizzlin' Sal aboard Sizzlin' Sal by Trenholm2007-08-01 Sizzlin' Sal aboard Sizzlin' Sal by Trenholm 2007-08-02 Bayside Aerial by Nealey2007-08-02 Bayside Aerial by Nealey 2007-08-03 Good Seats by Leaming2007-08-03 Good Seats by Leaming 2007-08-06 Sonar Crew Takes Second2007-08-06 Sonar Crew Takes Second 2007-08-08 Garden Party Girls2007-08-08 Garden Party Girls 2007-08-09 Toris 20th Birthday by Webster2007-08-09 Toris 20th Birthday by Webster 2007-08-10 Pancake Purveyors2007-08-10 Pancake Purveyors 2007-08-13 Orange Moonrise by Sherman2007-08-13 Orange Moonrise by Sherman 2007-08-14 Thunderheads from Mt Battie by Sebastianelli2007-08-14 Thunderheads from Mt Battie by Sebastianelli 2007-08-17 Fearless Leader by Lojek2007-08-17 Fearless Leader by Lojek 2007-08-18 Belfast Runway by Nealey2007-08-18 Belfast Runway by Nealey 2007-08-19 High-Tech Spinnaker by Trenholm2007-08-19 High-Tech Spinnaker by Trenholm 2007-08-20 Capacity Reached by Lojek2007-08-20 Capacity Reached by Lojek 2007-08-21 Good Form by Crosby2007-08-21 Good Form by Crosby 2007-08-21 Lake Megunticook Sunset by Sebastianelli2007-08-21 Lake Megunticook Sunset by Sebastianelli 2007-08-22 Sears Island Double Rainbow by Bradford2007-08-22 Sears Island Double Rainbow by Bradford 2007-08-23 Wild Horses by Hall2007-08-23 Wild Horses by Hall 2007-08-24 Ben Thumbs Up2007-08-24 Ben Thumbs Up 2007-08-27 Lake Megunticook Sunset by Sebastianelli2007-08-27 Lake Megunticook Sunset by Sebastianelli 2007-08-28 Away by Noyes2007-08-28 Away by Noyes 2007-08-29 Seaweed Treatment by Starkman2007-08-29 Seaweed Treatment by Starkman 2007-08-30 Sunset by Sherman2007-08-30 Sunset by Sherman 2007-08-31 Warren Island Bound by Lacoste2007-08-31 Warren Island Bound by Lacoste 2007-09-03 Umbrella and Chair by Lafleur2007-09-03 Umbrella and Chair by Lafleur 2007-09-04 Swearing In by Samway2007-09-04 Swearing In by Samway 2007-09-05 Thursday Night Racers by Lojek2007-09-05 Thursday Night Racers by Lojek 2007-09-06 Sunrise by Lombardi2007-09-06 Sunrise by Lombardi 2007-09-07 Reminiscing from Higgins2007-09-07 Reminiscing from Higgins 2007-09-08 Confusion at the Start by Bradford2007-09-08 Confusion at the Start by Bradford 2007-09-10 Bayside Traffic Jam by Malvoso2007-09-10 Bayside Traffic Jam by Malvoso 2007-09-11 Foggy Sunrise on Lake Messalonskee by Sebastianelli2007-09-11 Foggy Sunrise on Lake Messalonskee by Sebastianelli 2007-09-12 Lifeguard on Duty by Nealey2007-09-12 Lifeguard on Duty by Nealey 2007-09-13 Left Behind by Stalla2007-09-13 Left Behind by Stalla 2007-09-14 Calm Sailing by Sprock2007-09-14 Calm Sailing by Sprock 2007-09-17 West Bay Racers by Giles2007-09-17 West Bay Racers by Giles 2007-09-18 Race Committee by Samway2007-09-18 Race Committee by Samway 2007-09-19 Bayside Tranquility by Malvoso2007-09-19 Bayside Tranquility by Malvoso 2007-09-20 Seans Jumper by Starkman2007-09-20 Seans Jumper by Starkman 2007-09-21 Schooner Heritage by Samway2007-09-21 Schooner Heritage by Samway 2007-09-24 Wescotts at the Weathervane by Bravo2007-09-24 Wescotts at the Weathervane by Bravo 2007-09-25 Warren Island Campfire by Cassidy2007-09-25 Warren Island Campfire by Cassidy 2007-09-26 Bayside in Times Square2007-09-26 Bayside in Times Square 2007-09-27 One-Two-Three-Jump by Noyes2007-09-27 One-Two-Three-Jump by Noyes 2007-09-28 Overseer by Lojek2007-09-28 Overseer by Lojek 2007-10-01 Schooner in Lairys Narrows by Hall2007-10-01 Schooner in Lairys Narrows by Hall 2007-10-02 Steamboat by Witherill2007-10-02 Steamboat by Witherill 2007-10-03 Yacht Club Officers of 1962 from Conner2007-10-03 Yacht Club Officers of 1962 from Conner 2007-10-04 Rigging the Daysailer by Nealey2007-10-04 Rigging the Daysailer by Nealey 2007-10-05 Paula and Joe Reilly by Cassidy2007-10-05 Paula and Joe Reilly by Cassidy 2007-10-08 Ruggles Park Fall by Webster2007-10-08 Ruggles Park Fall by Webster 2007-10-09 Married by Einstein2007-10-09 Married by Einstein 2007-10-10 Distant Peaks by Mabee2007-10-10 Distant Peaks by Mabee 2007-10-11 We Actually Have to Spend the Night by Cassidy2007-10-11 We Actually Have to Spend the Night by Cassidy 2007-10-12 Taking on Water by Noyes2007-10-12 Taking on Water by Noyes 2007-10-15 Carwash Contribution by Cassidy2007-10-15 Carwash Contribution by Cassidy 2007-10-16 Mount Desert Signs by Reilly2007-10-16 Mount Desert Signs by Reilly 2007-10-17 NYC in The Grand Canyon2007-10-17 NYC in The Grand Canyon 2007-10-18 Beachcombing by Starkman2007-10-18 Beachcombing by Starkman 2007-10-19 Sunrise 2 by Noyes2007-10-19 Sunrise 2 by Noyes 2007-10-22 Plenty of Room by Webster2007-10-22 Plenty of Room by Webster 2007-10-23 Whats This by Sheffield2007-10-23 Whats This by Sheffield 2007-10-24 Time to Put the Float Away by Bradford2007-10-24 Time to Put the Float Away by Bradford 2007-10-25 Porch Pals by Aebersol2007-10-25 Porch Pals by Aebersol 2007-10-26 Go Sox by Lojek2007-10-26 Go Sox by Lojek 2007-10-29 Praying for Tickets by Lojek2007-10-29 Praying for Tickets by Lojek 2007-10-30 Baysiders at Game 1 by Samway2007-10-30 Baysiders at Game 1 by Samway 2007-10-31 Lifes Mystery 1 by Stalla2007-10-31 Lifes Mystery 1 by Stalla 2007-11-01 Starting the Day by Stalla2007-11-01 Starting the Day by Stalla 2007-11-02 End of the Series2007-11-02 End of the Series 2007-11-05 Paris Maybe by Mabee2007-11-05 Paris Maybe by Mabee 2007-11-06 Seaweed by Fernald2007-11-06 Seaweed by Fernald 2007-11-07 Twin Sailboats2007-11-07 Twin Sailboats 2007-11-08 Dads Turn by Starkman2007-11-08 Dads Turn by Starkman 2007-11-09 Beach Toy by Sebastianelli2007-11-09 Beach Toy by Sebastianelli 2007-11-12 Happy Birthday Dan52007-11-12 Happy Birthday Dan5 2007-11-13 Stretch by Lojek2007-11-13 Stretch by Lojek 2007-11-14 House Moving by Webster2007-11-14 House Moving by Webster 2007-11-15 Catch of the Day by Smith2007-11-15 Catch of the Day by Smith 2007-11-16 Beached by Starkman2007-11-16 Beached by Starkman 2007-11-19 Smiling Cow by Sherman2007-11-19 Smiling Cow by Sherman 2007-11-20 Looking for a Foundation by Lojek2007-11-20 Looking for a Foundation by Lojek 2007-11-21 Margaret and Don Lacoste by Cassidy2007-11-21 Margaret and Don Lacoste by Cassidy 2007-11-22 The Working Overseer by Rosenblum2007-11-22 The Working Overseer by Rosenblum 2007-11-23 Little River Rainbow by Nealey2007-11-23 Little River Rainbow by Nealey 2007-11-26 Flash in the Pan by Bradford2007-11-26 Flash in the Pan by Bradford 2007-11-27 Mothers and Daughters by Starkman2007-11-27 Mothers and Daughters by Starkman 2007-11-28 Shore Road Pier by Sebastianelli2007-11-28 Shore Road Pier by Sebastianelli 2007-11-29 Spinnaker on the River by Witherill2007-11-29 Spinnaker on the River by Witherill 2007-11-30 Fun in Winter Too by Cabral2007-11-30 Fun in Winter Too by Cabral 2007-12-03 Cadillac Mountain by Bradford2007-12-03 Cadillac Mountain by Bradford 2007-12-04 Instructor Auction by Huntoon2007-12-04 Instructor Auction by Huntoon 2007-12-05 NYC Models by Don Webster2007-12-05 NYC Models by Don Webster 2007-12-06 Stones of Maine by Lojek2007-12-06 Stones of Maine by Lojek 2007-12-07 Bayside in White by Linn2007-12-07 Bayside in White by Linn 2007-12-11 New Yacht Club Doors by Crowley2007-12-11 New Yacht Club Doors by Crowley 2007-12-14 First Snow at the Webster Compound by Plummer2007-12-14 First Snow at the Webster Compound by Plummer 2007-12-15 Waterslide by Eastty2007-12-15 Waterslide by Eastty 2007-12-16 Duck Trap River by Lojek2007-12-16 Duck Trap River by Lojek 2007-12-17 Sea Mist by Linn2007-12-17 Sea Mist by Linn 2007-12-18 Belfast from Bridge by Starkman2007-12-18 Belfast from Bridge by Starkman 2007-12-19 Christmas Cottage by Crowley2007-12-19 Christmas Cottage by Crowley 2007-12-20 Baysliding by Stalla2007-12-20 Baysliding by Stalla 2007-12-21 Belfast Christmas Lights by Sheffield2007-12-21 Belfast Christmas Lights by Sheffield 2007-12-24 Happy Holidays from the Websters 20072007-12-24 Happy Holidays from the Websters 2007 2007-12-25 Greetings from the Maine Event by Smith2007-12-25 Greetings from the Maine Event by Smith 2007-12-26 Chair Series Continued by Mabee2007-12-26 Chair Series Continued by Mabee 2007-12-27 December Morn by Bradford2007-12-27 December Morn by Bradford 2007-12-28 Bayside Solstice by Sebastianelli2007-12-28 Bayside Solstice by Sebastianelli 2007-12-31 Matrix by Stalla2007-12-31 Matrix by Stalla