2006 Picture-of-the-Day Archives

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2006-01-02 Bayside Santa by Leaming2006-01-02 Bayside Santa by Leaming 2006-01-03 Final 2005 Sunrise by Lojek2006-01-03 Final 2005 Sunrise by Lojek 2006-01-05 Kids on the Rocks by Smith2006-01-05 Kids on the Rocks by Smith 2006-01-06 Margie and Lora by Lisa2006-01-06 Margie and Lora by Lisa 2006-01-07 Icon of Summer by McLain2006-01-07 Icon of Summer by McLain 2006-01-10 NYC by Smith2006-01-10 NYC by Smith 2006-01-11 Cold Seat2006-01-11 Cold Seat 2006-01-24 Bayside Dawn by Smith2006-01-24 Bayside Dawn by Smith 2006-01-25 Snowshag by Mabee2006-01-25 Snowshag by Mabee 2006-01-26 Wedding Cake House2006-01-26 Wedding Cake House 2006-01-27 Winter Wharf2006-01-27 Winter Wharf 2006-01-30 All Decked Out2006-01-30 All Decked Out 2006-01-31 Greased Watermelon2006-01-31 Greased Watermelon 2006-02-01 Waikiki Yacht Club2006-02-01 Waikiki Yacht Club 2006-02-02 Castaway2006-02-02 Castaway 2006-02-03 Lincolnville Beach by Kennedy2006-02-03 Lincolnville Beach by Kennedy 2006-02-06 Time Out for Lunch by Scholhamer2006-02-06 Time Out for Lunch by Scholhamer 2006-02-07 Coming and Going by Samway2006-02-07 Coming and Going by Samway 2006-02-08 National Geographic Traveler2006-02-08 National Geographic Traveler 2006-02-09 Belle Fast by Kennedy2006-02-09 Belle Fast by Kennedy 2006-02-10 Tom and Huck by Scholhamer2006-02-10 Tom and Huck by Scholhamer 2006-02-13 Beach Butterfly by Stalla2006-02-13 Beach Butterfly by Stalla 2006-02-14 Islesboro Ferry by Hall2006-02-14 Islesboro Ferry by Hall 2006-02-15 Pemaquid Light by Kennedy2006-02-15 Pemaquid Light by Kennedy 2006-02-16 Thumbs Up by Vlodek2006-02-16 Thumbs Up by Vlodek 2006-02-17 Schooner Illusion2006-02-17 Schooner Illusion 2006-02-21 Building Fort Bayside by Scholhamer2006-02-21 Building Fort Bayside by Scholhamer 2006-02-22 Presidential Parade2006-02-22 Presidential Parade 2006-02-23 Squeeze Play by Sprock2006-02-23 Squeeze Play by Sprock 2006-02-24 Boat Float in Fog2006-02-24 Boat Float in Fog 2006-02-27 Wharf Circa 19672006-02-27 Wharf Circa 1967 2006-02-28 Architectural Digress by Vlodek2006-02-28 Architectural Digress by Vlodek 2006-03-01 Spillover Event by Rohweder2006-03-01 Spillover Event by Rohweder 2006-03-02 Boats and Beyond to Belfast by Robbins2006-03-02 Boats and Beyond to Belfast by Robbins 2006-03-03 Waiting for Spring by Hall2006-03-03 Waiting for Spring by Hall 2006-03-06 Really High Tide by Rohweder2006-03-06 Really High Tide by Rohweder 2006-03-07 Super Reader by Robbins2006-03-07 Super Reader by Robbins 2006-03-08 Sunset Reflections by Scholhamer2006-03-08 Sunset Reflections by Scholhamer 2006-03-09 Camden Harbor2006-03-09 Camden Harbor 2006-03-10 Ben in Pulpit Harbor2006-03-10 Ben in Pulpit Harbor 2006-03-13 Heavy Load by Rohweder2006-03-13 Heavy Load by Rohweder 2006-03-14 Sun Pillar by Orloski2006-03-14 Sun Pillar by Orloski 2006-03-15 Shore Road Cottage by Scholhamer2006-03-15 Shore Road Cottage by Scholhamer 2006-03-16 Be Me in Bass Harbor by Robbins2006-03-16 Be Me in Bass Harbor by Robbins 2006-03-17 Field Day Decorations2006-03-17 Field Day Decorations 2006-03-20 Driftwood Regatta by Scholhamer2006-03-20 Driftwood Regatta by Scholhamer 2006-03-21 Rowing Lightner by Leaming2006-03-21 Rowing Lightner by Leaming 2006-03-22 Off Season Walk by Sherman2006-03-22 Off Season Walk by Sherman 2006-03-23 Perfect Composition by Robbins2006-03-23 Perfect Composition by Robbins 2006-03-24 A Parade of Their Own2006-03-24 A Parade of Their Own 2006-03-27 Pulpit Pitstop by Leaming2006-03-27 Pulpit Pitstop by Leaming 2006-03-28 Flowers at Ship Island by Hall2006-03-28 Flowers at Ship Island by Hall 2006-03-29 Bayside Originals by Lincoln2006-03-29 Bayside Originals by Lincoln 2006-03-30 El Capitan by Rohweder2006-03-30 El Capitan by Rohweder 2006-03-31 Pakistan by Stalla2006-03-31 Pakistan by Stalla 2006-04-03 Not Quite Ready for This by Hall2006-04-03 Not Quite Ready for This by Hall 2006-04-04 Low Tide by Lincoln2006-04-04 Low Tide by Lincoln 2006-04-05 Stinson Condos by Vlodek2006-04-05 Stinson Condos by Vlodek 2006-04-06 Birdwatchers by Sherman2006-04-06 Birdwatchers by Sherman 2006-04-07 Happy Birthday Alli2006-04-07 Happy Birthday Alli 2006-04-10 Stonington by Robbins2006-04-10 Stonington by Robbins 2006-04-11 Thoughts of Summer by Malvoso2006-04-11 Thoughts of Summer by Malvoso 2006-04-12 Camden from Bald Rock2006-04-12 Camden from Bald Rock 2006-04-13 NYC Race by Smith2006-04-13 NYC Race by Smith 2006-04-17 White Sails by Smith2006-04-17 White Sails by Smith 2006-04-18 Winter Beach Play by Mills2006-04-18 Winter Beach Play by Mills 2006-04-19 Sweet 162006-04-19 Sweet 16 2006-04-20 Calm Morning on Penobscot Bay by Kennedy2006-04-20 Calm Morning on Penobscot Bay by Kennedy 2006-04-21 Bucks Harbor Sunset by Robbins2006-04-21 Bucks Harbor Sunset by Robbins 2006-04-24 Baysiders in Arizona by Kazilionis2006-04-24 Baysiders in Arizona by Kazilionis 2006-04-25 Godspeed by Lacoste2006-04-25 Godspeed by Lacoste 2006-04-26 Easter Beach Walk by Bradford2006-04-26 Easter Beach Walk by Bradford 2006-04-27 Gray Weekend by Stalla2006-04-27 Gray Weekend by Stalla 2006-04-28 Seasonal Plumbing Issues by Rohweder2006-04-28 Seasonal Plumbing Issues by Rohweder 2006-05-01 Bayside Sunrise by Gilmore2006-05-01 Bayside Sunrise by Gilmore 2006-05-02 On Top of Bald Rock2006-05-02 On Top of Bald Rock 2006-05-03 Mother Ship and Baby by Robbins2006-05-03 Mother Ship and Baby by Robbins 2006-05-04 Granddaughters are Grand by Robbins2006-05-04 Granddaughters are Grand by Robbins 2006-05-05 Sun Glare by Hughes2006-05-05 Sun Glare by Hughes 2006-05-08 Northport Inn from Leaming2006-05-08 Northport Inn from Leaming 2006-05-09 Northport for Sale from Crowe2006-05-09 Northport for Sale from Crowe 2006-05-10 Mays Delight by Stalla2006-05-10 Mays Delight by Stalla 2006-05-11 View from Belfast by Mabee2006-05-11 View from Belfast by Mabee 2006-05-15 Davies Groceries from Leaming2006-05-15 Davies Groceries from Leaming 2006-05-16 Wing-n-Wing by Robbins2006-05-16 Wing-n-Wing by Robbins 2006-05-17 Oil Painting by Lojek2006-05-17 Oil Painting by Lojek 2006-05-18 Dan3 Hugging Lee2006-05-18 Dan3 Hugging Lee 2006-05-19 Don Webster by Robbins2006-05-19 Don Webster by Robbins 2006-05-22 Llama Walk by Closter2006-05-22 Llama Walk by Closter 2006-05-23 First One In by Vlodek2006-05-23 First One In by Vlodek 2006-05-24 Auditorium Park Stairs by Lojek2006-05-24 Auditorium Park Stairs by Lojek 2006-05-25 Black Locust by Mabee2006-05-25 Black Locust by Mabee 2006-05-26 Moving Moorings by Crosby2006-05-26 Moving Moorings by Crosby 2006-05-29 Seals Near Flat Island by Bradford2006-05-29 Seals Near Flat Island by Bradford 2006-05-30 Ironwoman from Samway2006-05-30 Ironwoman from Samway 2006-05-31 Squeezed Inn Dropped On by Vlodek2006-05-31 Squeezed Inn Dropped On by Vlodek 2006-06-01 Camden Harbor by Robbins2006-06-01 Camden Harbor by Robbins 2006-06-02 Heron on the Move by Lacoste2006-06-02 Heron on the Move by Lacoste 2006-06-05 Wistful Winetasters with Websters Wisteria by Stalla2006-06-05 Wistful Winetasters with Websters Wisteria by Stalla 2006-06-06 Devil and Daniel Websters2006-06-06 Devil and Daniel Websters 2006-06-07 Points East by Hall2006-06-07 Points East by Hall 2006-06-08 Happy Anniversary2006-06-08 Happy Anniversary 2006-06-08 Skiing by Kelly2006-06-08 Skiing by Kelly 2006-06-09 Lupines on the Bay by Stalla2006-06-09 Lupines on the Bay by Stalla 2006-06-12 Cove at Little River by Mabee2006-06-12 Cove at Little River by Mabee 2006-06-13 Jump on Summer by Leaming2006-06-13 Jump on Summer by Leaming 2006-06-14 What Rain by Sheffield2006-06-14 What Rain by Sheffield 2006-06-15 Shore Road Flowers by Samway2006-06-15 Shore Road Flowers by Samway 2006-06-16 Speaking of Rain by Sheffield2006-06-16 Speaking of Rain by Sheffield 2006-06-19 Great to Be Back by Sherman2006-06-19 Great to Be Back by Sherman 2006-06-20 Grandfathers Day2006-06-20 Grandfathers Day 2006-06-21 Coastal Pollen by Reilly2006-06-21 Coastal Pollen by Reilly 2006-06-22 Fishin with Grandpa by Fernald2006-06-22 Fishin with Grandpa by Fernald 2006-06-23 Connor Carrying Cans by Cassidy2006-06-23 Connor Carrying Cans by Cassidy 2006-06-26 Coastal Dandelions by Reilly2006-06-26 Coastal Dandelions by Reilly 2006-06-27 Mussel Ridge Channel from Hewitt Island by Hall2006-06-27 Mussel Ridge Channel from Hewitt Island by Hall 2006-06-28 Two Dans at the Bonfire2006-06-28 Two Dans at the Bonfire 2006-06-29 Ye Old Bayside Jail by Sherman2006-06-29 Ye Old Bayside Jail by Sherman 2006-06-30 Crab Soccer2006-06-30 Crab Soccer 2006-07-03 Greased Watermelon 20062006-07-03 Greased Watermelon 2006 2006-07-04 Bonfire for the Fourth2006-07-04 Bonfire for the Fourth 2006-07-05 Fun Race by Kennedy2006-07-05 Fun Race by Kennedy 2006-07-06 Timberland Off Seven Hundred Acre Island by Robbins2006-07-06 Timberland Off Seven Hundred Acre Island by Robbins 2006-07-07 Lincolnville Band Concert2006-07-07 Lincolnville Band Concert 2006-07-10 Sailing School Begins by Robbins2006-07-10 Sailing School Begins by Robbins 2006-07-11 First Cruise Ship of the Summer by Bradford2006-07-11 First Cruise Ship of the Summer by Bradford 2006-07-12 Ship Shape by Leaming2006-07-12 Ship Shape by Leaming 2006-07-13 McFravis Fiddles by Bradford2006-07-13 McFravis Fiddles by Bradford 2006-07-14 Illusion 12 by Robbins2006-07-14 Illusion 12 by Robbins 2006-07-17 Traffic Manager by Robbins2006-07-17 Traffic Manager by Robbins 2006-07-18 Mooring Masters by Robbins2006-07-18 Mooring Masters by Robbins 2006-07-19 Bayside Connection by Conner2006-07-19 Bayside Connection by Conner 2006-07-20 Icy July by Hunter2006-07-20 Icy July by Hunter 2006-07-21 Friends on a Beach from Conner2006-07-21 Friends on a Beach from Conner 2006-07-24 Belfast Lobstering by McGrath2006-07-24 Belfast Lobstering by McGrath 2006-07-25 Everyone Was Swimming by Bradford2006-07-25 Everyone Was Swimming by Bradford 2006-07-26 Moonrise by Mabee2006-07-26 Moonrise by Mabee 2006-07-27 Trailer Bayside Style by Sherman2006-07-27 Trailer Bayside Style by Sherman 2006-07-28 Summer Lemonade by Lojek2006-07-28 Summer Lemonade by Lojek 2006-07-31 Liberian Lobster Boats by Stalla2006-07-31 Liberian Lobster Boats by Stalla 2006-08-01 Erica by Bradford2006-08-01 Erica by Bradford 2006-08-02 Warren Island Overnight2006-08-02 Warren Island Overnight 2006-08-03 Sunrise by Rosenblum2006-08-03 Sunrise by Rosenblum 2006-08-07 Lobster Bake2006-08-07 Lobster Bake 2006-08-08 Tent Clutter by White2006-08-08 Tent Clutter by White 2006-08-09 This Cant be Right by Kazilionis2006-08-09 This Cant be Right by Kazilionis 2006-08-10 Bayside-The Real Waldo County by Graham2006-08-10 Bayside-The Real Waldo County by Graham 2006-08-11 Red White and Blue by Lojek2006-08-11 Red White and Blue by Lojek 2006-08-14 Bayside Baywatch by Cassidy2006-08-14 Bayside Baywatch by Cassidy 2006-08-15 Bayside by Moonlight by Mabee2006-08-15 Bayside by Moonlight by Mabee 2006-08-16 No Parking2006-08-16 No Parking 2006-08-17 Mast Repair by Cassidy2006-08-17 Mast Repair by Cassidy 2006-08-18 Summer Nights by Bradford2006-08-18 Summer Nights by Bradford 2006-08-21 Young Racers by Lojek2006-08-21 Young Racers by Lojek 2006-08-22 Garden Party Crew by Webster2006-08-22 Garden Party Crew by Webster 2006-08-23 Yard Saling by Sherman2006-08-23 Yard Saling by Sherman 2006-08-24 Growing a Claw by Cassidy2006-08-24 Growing a Claw by Cassidy 2006-08-25 Adirondacks by Mabee2006-08-25 Adirondacks by Mabee 2006-08-28 Bens Birthday2006-08-28 Bens Birthday 2006-08-29 Panorama by Merchant2006-08-29 Panorama by Merchant 2006-08-30 Northports Finest by Cassidy2006-08-30 Northports Finest by Cassidy 2006-08-31 The Rag Trade by Robbins2006-08-31 The Rag Trade by Robbins 2006-09-01 Mosher the Music Man from Leaming2006-09-01 Mosher the Music Man from Leaming 2006-09-03 Cottage Museum Open House by Sherman2006-09-03 Cottage Museum Open House by Sherman 2006-09-04 Ticket Sales by Robbins2006-09-04 Ticket Sales by Robbins 2006-09-05 Lincoln Cottage by Ingraham2006-09-05 Lincoln Cottage by Ingraham 2006-09-07 Sizzlin Sal by Cassidy2006-09-07 Sizzlin Sal by Cassidy 2006-09-08 Reaching with Joanie by Kelly2006-09-08 Reaching with Joanie by Kelly 2006-09-11 Sunset by Fitzgerald2006-09-11 Sunset by Fitzgerald 2006-09-12 Traffic in the Bay by Robbins2006-09-12 Traffic in the Bay by Robbins 2006-09-13 Who Called This Meeting by Williams2006-09-13 Who Called This Meeting by Williams 2006-09-14 Thursday Night Races by Cassidy2006-09-14 Thursday Night Races by Cassidy 2006-09-15 Moose and Man by Sencabaugh2006-09-15 Moose and Man by Sencabaugh 2006-09-18 Don Takes a Dip by Robbins2006-09-18 Don Takes a Dip by Robbins 2006-09-19 Yacht Club Dinghy by Starkman2006-09-19 Yacht Club Dinghy by Starkman 2006-09-20 School Daze by Kelly2006-09-20 School Daze by Kelly 2006-09-21 Good Morning Bayside by Smith2006-09-21 Good Morning Bayside by Smith 2006-09-22 Lincoln Steps by Ingraham2006-09-22 Lincoln Steps by Ingraham 2006-09-25 Now That the Tourists Are Gone by Stanley2006-09-25 Now That the Tourists Are Gone by Stanley 2006-09-26 Bridge Opening by Bradford2006-09-26 Bridge Opening by Bradford 2006-09-27 Yes We Swim by Rocher2006-09-27 Yes We Swim by Rocher 2006-09-28 Spirit of Bermuda by Elkins2006-09-28 Spirit of Bermuda by Elkins 2006-09-29 Drinkwater Science Lesson by Sherman2006-09-29 Drinkwater Science Lesson by Sherman 2006-10-02 Gathering Storm by Bradford2006-10-02 Gathering Storm by Bradford 2006-10-03 Reilly Gate by Reilly2006-10-03 Reilly Gate by Reilly 2006-10-04 Bayview Park from Leaming2006-10-04 Bayview Park from Leaming 2006-10-05 Diane Melone and Granddaughter by Cassidy2006-10-05 Diane Melone and Granddaughter by Cassidy 2006-10-06 North Haven by Robbins2006-10-06 North Haven by Robbins 2006-10-09 Daisies and Beach by Ingraham2006-10-09 Daisies and Beach by Ingraham 2006-10-10 Bonfire2006-10-10 Bonfire 2006-10-11 Roadhouse by Hede2006-10-11 Roadhouse by Hede 2006-10-12 Deck Collection by Reilly2006-10-12 Deck Collection by Reilly 2006-10-13 Harvest Moon by Bradford2006-10-13 Harvest Moon by Bradford 2006-10-16 Boys of Bayside by Huning2006-10-16 Boys of Bayside by Huning 2006-10-17 Happiness is Winning by Lojek2006-10-17 Happiness is Winning by Lojek 2006-10-18 Winning Crew by Lojek2006-10-18 Winning Crew by Lojek 2006-10-19 When the Wind Blows from Leaming2006-10-19 When the Wind Blows from Leaming 2006-10-20 Under the Dock by Reilly2006-10-20 Under the Dock by Reilly 2006-10-23 Happy Memories by Tully2006-10-23 Happy Memories by Tully 2006-10-24 Team Samway2006-10-24 Team Samway 2006-10-25 Saturday Cove by Lojek2006-10-25 Saturday Cove by Lojek 2006-10-26 Empty Chair by Tully2006-10-26 Empty Chair by Tully 2006-10-27 Islesboro View by Hall2006-10-27 Islesboro View by Hall 2006-10-30 Rising from the Soup by Lojek2006-10-30 Rising from the Soup by Lojek 2006-10-31 Bayside Halloween by Sheffield2006-10-31 Bayside Halloween by Sheffield 2006-11-01 Autumn Trio by Mabee2006-11-01 Autumn Trio by Mabee 2006-11-02 Bluff Road Rainbow by Sheffield2006-11-02 Bluff Road Rainbow by Sheffield 2006-11-03 Bayside Moose by VanBibber2006-11-03 Bayside Moose by VanBibber 2006-11-06 South Shore Sunrise by Sheffield2006-11-06 South Shore Sunrise by Sheffield 2006-11-07 Bayside the Hard Way by Mabee2006-11-07 Bayside the Hard Way by Mabee 2006-11-08 Poodle on Wharf by Stables2006-11-08 Poodle on Wharf by Stables 2006-11-09 Bayside Boat Rescue2006-11-09 Bayside Boat Rescue 2006-11-10 Sixteen and Sinking In2006-11-10 Sixteen and Sinking In 2006-11-11 Bayside Boat Parade2006-11-11 Bayside Boat Parade 2006-11-13 Red Alert and Gray Skies by Crowley2006-11-13 Red Alert and Gray Skies by Crowley 2006-11-14 The New Main Street by Tardif2006-11-14 The New Main Street by Tardif 2006-11-15 Historical Morrill Cottage from Leaming2006-11-15 Historical Morrill Cottage from Leaming 2006-11-16 Last Leaves by Mabee2006-11-16 Last Leaves by Mabee 2006-11-17 Two Generations of Witherills by Kelly2006-11-17 Two Generations of Witherills by Kelly 2006-11-20 Paving Broadway by Tardif2006-11-20 Paving Broadway by Tardif 2006-11-21 Seal Mountain by Mabee2006-11-21 Seal Mountain by Mabee 2006-11-22 Sunrise at Kelly Cove by Lojek2006-11-22 Sunrise at Kelly Cove by Lojek 2006-11-23 Tides Out at Tall Oaks by Lentz2006-11-23 Tides Out at Tall Oaks by Lentz 2006-11-24 Roosting or Roasting by Lojek2006-11-24 Roosting or Roasting by Lojek 2006-11-27 Angela and Brendan by Cassidy2006-11-27 Angela and Brendan by Cassidy 2006-11-28 Big Yeller by Lojek2006-11-28 Big Yeller by Lojek 2006-11-29 Northport Fence from Leaming2006-11-29 Northport Fence from Leaming 2006-11-30 Overnight at Warren Island by Robbins2006-11-30 Overnight at Warren Island by Robbins 2006-12-01 Bayside in Florida by Sherman2006-12-01 Bayside in Florida by Sherman 2006-12-04 Eagles Locked by Snyder2006-12-04 Eagles Locked by Snyder 2006-12-05 Ready to Race by Robbins2006-12-05 Ready to Race by Robbins 2006-12-06 Wet Rocks by McGrath2006-12-06 Wet Rocks by McGrath 2006-12-07 Sea Smoke by Stalla2006-12-07 Sea Smoke by Stalla 2006-12-08 Christmas Shopping with Gizmo and Toby by Einstein2006-12-08 Christmas Shopping with Gizmo and Toby by Einstein 2006-12-11 House Boat on Shore by Robbins2006-12-11 House Boat on Shore by Robbins 2006-12-12 Sunrise Over Islesboro by Stalla2006-12-12 Sunrise Over Islesboro by Stalla 2006-12-13 Tides Up at Grandmas by Kerr2006-12-13 Tides Up at Grandmas by Kerr 2006-12-14 Northport Porch from Leaming2006-12-14 Northport Porch from Leaming 2006-12-15 Snowy Mailboxes by Stalla2006-12-15 Snowy Mailboxes by Stalla 2006-12-18 Frigid Wharf by Stalla2006-12-18 Frigid Wharf by Stalla 2006-12-19 Glowing New Day by Lojek2006-12-19 Glowing New Day by Lojek 2006-12-20 Mast Head View by Linn2006-12-20 Mast Head View by Linn 2006-12-21 Rohweders at Christmas2006-12-21 Rohweders at Christmas 2006-12-22 Unity Too at Christmas by Sheffield2006-12-22 Unity Too at Christmas by Sheffield 2006-12-23 South-North by Stalla2006-12-23 South-North by Stalla 2006-12-24 Santas Carriage by Samway2006-12-24 Santas Carriage by Samway 2006-12-25 Merry Christmas by Cressey2006-12-25 Merry Christmas by Cressey 2006-12-26 Washed Out Wharf by Rohweder2006-12-26 Washed Out Wharf by Rohweder