2005 Picture-of-the-Day Archives

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2005-01-03 Beauty in December by Lojek2005-01-03 Beauty in December by Lojek 2005-01-04 Marooned by Scholhamer2005-01-04 Marooned by Scholhamer 2005-01-05 Bayside Classic Seascape by Maass2005-01-05 Bayside Classic Seascape by Maass 2005-01-06 When The Wharf Freezes Over by Lojek2005-01-06 When The Wharf Freezes Over by Lojek 2005-01-07 Concert in the Park2005-01-07 Concert in the Park 2005-01-10 Cant Wait for Summer by Sprock2005-01-10 Cant Wait for Summer by Sprock 2005-01-11 Christmas in Belfast by Cassidy2005-01-11 Christmas in Belfast by Cassidy 2005-01-12 Lisa Trish and Sally2005-01-12 Lisa Trish and Sally 2005-01-13 Taking Mom for a Sail by Sprock2005-01-13 Taking Mom for a Sail by Sprock 2005-01-14 Double Rainbow by Hanbury2005-01-14 Double Rainbow by Hanbury 2005-01-17 Bay Aerial by Hanbury2005-01-17 Bay Aerial by Hanbury 2005-01-18 Real Secret Water by Lojek2005-01-18 Real Secret Water by Lojek 2005-01-19 Summer Race on Mainstay III by Coughlin2005-01-19 Summer Race on Mainstay III by Coughlin 2005-01-20 Say Cheese2005-01-20 Say Cheese 2005-01-21 Icy Tanker by Cassidy2005-01-21 Icy Tanker by Cassidy 2005-01-24 Leisure Smoke by Mabee2005-01-24 Leisure Smoke by Mabee 2005-01-25 Signpost by Scholhamer2005-01-25 Signpost by Scholhamer 2005-01-26 Scooter Boy2005-01-26 Scooter Boy 2005-01-27 Mooring Field by Vlodek2005-01-27 Mooring Field by Vlodek 2005-01-28 Morning Catch by Maass2005-01-28 Morning Catch by Maass 2005-01-31 Collectors Day by Sherman2005-01-31 Collectors Day by Sherman 2005-02-01 Civil Engineers by Crosby2005-02-01 Civil Engineers by Crosby 2005-02-02 Full Moon Over Penobscot by Bradford2005-02-02 Full Moon Over Penobscot by Bradford 2005-02-03 Bayside Friends by Lojek2005-02-03 Bayside Friends by Lojek 2005-02-04 Bonfire by Crosby2005-02-04 Bonfire by Crosby 2005-02-07 Bayside Blizzard by Dugal2005-02-07 Bayside Blizzard by Dugal 2005-02-08 Bayside Glacier by Vlodek2005-02-08 Bayside Glacier by Vlodek 2005-02-09 The Big Chill by Lacoste2005-02-09 The Big Chill by Lacoste 2005-02-10 Library in Winter by Samway2005-02-10 Library in Winter by Samway 2005-02-11 Frozen Leg Warmers by Freeman2005-02-11 Frozen Leg Warmers by Freeman 2005-02-14 Colonial Gables by Dibble2005-02-14 Colonial Gables by Dibble 2005-02-15 After the Snow by Plummer2005-02-15 After the Snow by Plummer 2005-02-16 Gingerbread and Snow by Brockway2005-02-16 Gingerbread and Snow by Brockway 2005-02-17 December Sunrise by Lojek2005-02-17 December Sunrise by Lojek 2005-02-18 George Streeet in the Snow by Brockway2005-02-18 George Streeet in the Snow by Brockway 2005-02-21 Gloomy Dawn by Scholhamer2005-02-21 Gloomy Dawn by Scholhamer 2005-02-22 Fishing2005-02-22 Fishing 2005-02-23 Frozen Balls by Lojek2005-02-23 Frozen Balls by Lojek 2005-02-24 Evening Tide by Scholhamer2005-02-24 Evening Tide by Scholhamer 2005-02-25 Lincolnville Construction by Lojek2005-02-25 Lincolnville Construction by Lojek 2005-02-28 Reflecting Pool by Scholhamer2005-02-28 Reflecting Pool by Scholhamer 2005-03-01 Moose on Norway Lake by Bradford2005-03-01 Moose on Norway Lake by Bradford 2005-03-02 Double Rainbow by Hanbury2005-03-02 Double Rainbow by Hanbury 2005-03-03 Sarah by Grindle2005-03-03 Sarah by Grindle 2005-03-04 Watching Sunset2005-03-04 Watching Sunset 2005-03-07 Angelica by Smith2005-03-07 Angelica by Smith 2005-03-08 Long Day Fishing by Lojek2005-03-08 Long Day Fishing by Lojek 2005-03-09 National Toboggan Races by Lacoste2005-03-09 National Toboggan Races by Lacoste 2005-03-10 Wharf Sunset2005-03-10 Wharf Sunset 2005-03-11 Independence2005-03-11 Independence 2005-03-14 Charlie on the Beach by Fitzgerald2005-03-14 Charlie on the Beach by Fitzgerald 2005-03-15 Watching the Grass Grow by Smith2005-03-15 Watching the Grass Grow by Smith 2005-03-16 Standing Ready by Lee Webster2005-03-16 Standing Ready by Lee Webster 2005-03-17 Samway Cottage by Samway2005-03-17 Samway Cottage by Samway 2005-03-18 Bayside Cottages by Scholhamer2005-03-18 Bayside Cottages by Scholhamer 2005-03-21 Sharp Ice by Lojek2005-03-21 Sharp Ice by Lojek 2005-03-22 Seasmoke by Conner2005-03-22 Seasmoke by Conner 2005-03-23 Natures Canvas by Mabee2005-03-23 Natures Canvas by Mabee 2005-03-24 Closed for the Season by Lojek2005-03-24 Closed for the Season by Lojek 2005-03-25 Sparkle by Fitzgerald2005-03-25 Sparkle by Fitzgerald 2005-03-28 Poker Chips by Lojek2005-03-28 Poker Chips by Lojek 2005-03-29 Lisa and Dale2005-03-29 Lisa and Dale 2005-03-30 Belfast Boat Slip by Smith2005-03-30 Belfast Boat Slip by Smith 2005-03-31 Bayside Girls of the Fifties by Higgins2005-03-31 Bayside Girls of the Fifties by Higgins 2005-04-01 Seven Days Till Spring by Krulis2005-04-01 Seven Days Till Spring by Krulis 2005-04-02 Terry and the Pope2005-04-02 Terry and the Pope 2005-04-04 Stan Stalla in Darfur2005-04-04 Stan Stalla in Darfur 2005-04-05 Coasties by Coughlin2005-04-05 Coasties by Coughlin 2005-04-06 Where Have All The Boats Gone by Lojek2005-04-06 Where Have All The Boats Gone by Lojek 2005-04-07 Thawing Out by Rohweder2005-04-07 Thawing Out by Rohweder 2005-04-08 Outgoing Tide by Fitzgerald2005-04-08 Outgoing Tide by Fitzgerald 2005-04-11 Al Keiths Boat by Robbins2005-04-11 Al Keiths Boat by Robbins 2005-04-12 Slippery Wharf by Gilmore2005-04-12 Slippery Wharf by Gilmore 2005-04-13 April Showers by Mabee2005-04-13 April Showers by Mabee 2005-04-14 Auditorium Park Sunset by Lojek2005-04-14 Auditorium Park Sunset by Lojek 2005-04-20 Goodbye Winter by Vlodek2005-04-20 Goodbye Winter by Vlodek 2005-04-21 Catfishing by Smith2005-04-21 Catfishing by Smith 2005-04-22 Castine2005-04-22 Castine 2005-04-25 Jon and Grampie by Coughlin2005-04-25 Jon and Grampie by Coughlin 2005-04-26 Waterslide2005-04-26 Waterslide 2005-04-27 At the Union Fair by Smith2005-04-27 At the Union Fair by Smith 2005-04-28 Seaweed by Fitzgerald2005-04-28 Seaweed by Fitzgerald 2005-04-29 Mooring Work2005-04-29 Mooring Work 2005-05-02 Little River Bridge2005-05-02 Little River Bridge 2005-05-03 December Sunrise by Lojek2005-05-03 December Sunrise by Lojek 2005-05-04 The Ghost of the Bobo by Smith2005-05-04 The Ghost of the Bobo by Smith 2005-05-05 Sweet Sendoff2005-05-05 Sweet Sendoff 2005-05-06 Pattie-Blaisdell Cottage by Scholhamer2005-05-06 Pattie-Blaisdell Cottage by Scholhamer 2005-05-09 Bayside Girls2005-05-09 Bayside Girls 2005-05-10 First Surise of May by Samway2005-05-10 First Surise of May by Samway 2005-05-11 Ducktrap River by Lojek2005-05-11 Ducktrap River by Lojek 2005-05-12 View Back to Belfast by Smith2005-05-12 View Back to Belfast by Smith 2005-05-13 First Windjammer Leaving Belfast by Bradford2005-05-13 First Windjammer Leaving Belfast by Bradford 2005-05-16 On the Beach by Smith2005-05-16 On the Beach by Smith 2005-05-17High Tide at Dawn by Samway2005-05-17High Tide at Dawn by Samway 2005-05-18 Lonesome Bouys by Lojek2005-05-18 Lonesome Bouys by Lojek 2005-05-19 Bayside Chit Chat by Smith2005-05-19 Bayside Chit Chat by Smith 2005-05-20 Broadway Cottages by Stables2005-05-20 Broadway Cottages by Stables 2005-05-23 Boat Bow2005-05-23 Boat Bow 2005-05-24 Graduates by Sherman2005-05-24 Graduates by Sherman 2005-05-25 Sunset by Fitzgerald2005-05-25 Sunset by Fitzgerald 2005-05-26 South Shore Scenic by Smith2005-05-26 South Shore Scenic by Smith 2005-05-27 Crofoot Gate by Spollett2005-05-27 Crofoot Gate by Spollett 2005-05-30 Belfast Bridges by Mabee2005-05-30 Belfast Bridges by Mabee 2005-05-31 Belfast Bridges by Mabee2005-05-31 Belfast Bridges by Mabee 2005-06-01 First Boat In by Vlodek2005-06-01 First Boat In by Vlodek 2005-06-02 Beach Sentinel by Smith2005-06-02 Beach Sentinel by Smith 2005-06-03 Sunny Skies at Last by Vlodek2005-06-03 Sunny Skies at Last by Vlodek 2005-06-06 Windjammer by Vlodek2005-06-06 Windjammer by Vlodek 2005-06-08 Websters at Bonfire by Cassidy2005-06-08 Websters at Bonfire by Cassidy 2005-06-09 Calm Water by Baker2005-06-09 Calm Water by Baker 2005-06-10 Winter Sea Glass by Lojek2005-06-10 Winter Sea Glass by Lojek 2005-06-13 June Sunrise by Sherman2005-06-13 June Sunrise by Sherman 2005-06-14 Belfast Tugs by Smith2005-06-14 Belfast Tugs by Smith 2005-06-15 Big Sky by Crosby2005-06-15 Big Sky by Crosby 2005-06-16 Ned Lightner by Lojek2005-06-16 Ned Lightner by Lojek 2005-06-17 Playground by Fitzgerald2005-06-17 Playground by Fitzgerald 2005-06-20 Springtime by Samway2005-06-20 Springtime by Samway 2005-06-21 The Rain in Maine by Samway2005-06-21 The Rain in Maine by Samway 2005-06-22 Wharf2005-06-22 Wharf 2005-06-23 Phoenix Rising by Sherman2005-06-23 Phoenix Rising by Sherman 2005-06-24 Classic Belfast Visitor by Freeman2005-06-24 Classic Belfast Visitor by Freeman 2005-06-27 The Kids Are Back in Town by Lojek2005-06-27 The Kids Are Back in Town by Lojek 2005-06-28 Storms Coming by Lojek2005-06-28 Storms Coming by Lojek 2005-06-29 Anonymous Jumper by Smith2005-06-29 Anonymous Jumper by Smith 2005-06-30 Launching Wings of Grace by Freeman2005-06-30 Launching Wings of Grace by Freeman 2005-07-01 Waterslide2005-07-01 Waterslide 2005-07-05 Balloon Toss2005-07-05 Balloon Toss 2005-07-06 Bayside Dawn by Smith2005-07-06 Bayside Dawn by Smith 2005-07-07 Lyn Samway and Kids by Webster2005-07-07 Lyn Samway and Kids by Webster 2005-07-08 Ultralight Over Bayside2005-07-08 Ultralight Over Bayside 2005-07-09 2005 Chowda Cookoff Winners by Sprock2005-07-09 2005 Chowda Cookoff Winners by Sprock 2005-07-09 Packed House at Chowda Cookoff by Sprock2005-07-09 Packed House at Chowda Cookoff by Sprock 2005-07-11 Just Part of the Samway Clan by Sprock2005-07-11 Just Part of the Samway Clan by Sprock 2005-07-12 The Bonfire Begins by Sprock2005-07-12 The Bonfire Begins by Sprock 2005-07-13 Coming About by Cabral2005-07-13 Coming About by Cabral 2005-07-14 Moose Point Sunrise by Bradford2005-07-14 Moose Point Sunrise by Bradford 2005-07-15 Framed by the Trunks by Lojek2005-07-15 Framed by the Trunks by Lojek 2005-07-18 Setting Moorings by Vlodek2005-07-18 Setting Moorings by Vlodek 2005-07-19 Searching for the Perfect Photo by Sprock2005-07-19 Searching for the Perfect Photo by Sprock 2005-07-20 The Beach Buoys by Smith2005-07-20 The Beach Buoys by Smith 2005-07-21 First Light Second Day by Lojek2005-07-21 First Light Second Day by Lojek 2005-07-22 Windjammer by Robbins2005-07-22 Windjammer by Robbins 2005-07-26 Hazy Day on Cadillac Mountain by Sherman2005-07-26 Hazy Day on Cadillac Mountain by Sherman 2005-07-27 Bottles in Window by Higgins2005-07-27 Bottles in Window by Higgins 2005-07-28 View from Between by Baker2005-07-28 View from Between by Baker 2005-07-29 Relaxed on Sunday by Sprock2005-07-29 Relaxed on Sunday by Sprock 2005-08-01 Waited all Winter for This by Higgins2005-08-01 Waited all Winter for This by Higgins 2005-08-02 Race Starter Apprentices by Sprock2005-08-02 Race Starter Apprentices by Sprock 2005-08-03 View from Auditorium Park by Sherman2005-08-03 View from Auditorium Park by Sherman 2005-08-04 Waterview Nest by Vlodek2005-08-04 Waterview Nest by Vlodek 2005-08-05 Belfast After Sunset by Sherman2005-08-05 Belfast After Sunset by Sherman 2005-08-08 Pancake Servers2005-08-08 Pancake Servers 2005-08-09 Stonington Sentries2005-08-09 Stonington Sentries 2005-08-10 Swim Float at Dusk2005-08-10 Swim Float at Dusk 2005-08-11 Coastal Living by Scholhamer2005-08-11 Coastal Living by Scholhamer 2005-08-12 Belle Fast Gig by Bradford2005-08-12 Belle Fast Gig by Bradford 2005-08-16 Anyone Got A Motor by Cassidy2005-08-16 Anyone Got A Motor by Cassidy 2005-08-17 Baking Cookies2005-08-17 Baking Cookies 2005-08-18 August Afternoon in Bayside2005-08-18 August Afternoon in Bayside 2005-08-19 Silver Moon by Sherman2005-08-19 Silver Moon by Sherman 2005-08-22 Bayside Exposure by Leaming2005-08-22 Bayside Exposure by Leaming 2005-08-23 Swinging Elmo by Crowe2005-08-23 Swinging Elmo by Crowe 2005-08-29 Port of Gold by Mabee2005-08-29 Port of Gold by Mabee 2005-08-30 Big Blue by Grace2005-08-30 Big Blue by Grace 2005-08-31 Early Bird Catches the Worm by Lojek2005-08-31 Early Bird Catches the Worm by Lojek 2005-09-01 High Tide at High Noon by Higgins2005-09-01 High Tide at High Noon by Higgins 2005-09-02 Little River Bridge2005-09-02 Little River Bridge 2005-09-06 Boat Rescuers by Cassidy2005-09-06 Boat Rescuers by Cassidy 2005-09-07 Old Broadway from Scholhamer2005-09-07 Old Broadway from Scholhamer 2005-09-08 Basketball by Eastty2005-09-08 Basketball by Eastty 2005-09-09 Evening Fog by Cassidy2005-09-09 Evening Fog by Cassidy 2005-09-10 Round Islesboro Race by Stalla2005-09-10 Round Islesboro Race by Stalla 2005-09-10 Round Islesboro Race Start by Bradford2005-09-10 Round Islesboro Race Start by Bradford 2005-09-12 America the Beautiful by Baker2005-09-12 America the Beautiful by Baker 2005-09-13 Morning Catch by Eastty2005-09-13 Morning Catch by Eastty 2005-09-14 Bayside Boys by Huntoon2005-09-14 Bayside Boys by Huntoon 2005-09-15 Oils by Rabb2005-09-15 Oils by Rabb 2005-09-16 Bruce and Mike by Cassidy2005-09-16 Bruce and Mike by Cassidy 2005-09-19 Wharf in Fog 22005-09-19 Wharf in Fog 2 2005-09-20 Rearview Reflections by Lojek2005-09-20 Rearview Reflections by Lojek 2005-09-21 Dont Ask Why by Cassidy2005-09-21 Dont Ask Why by Cassidy 2005-09-22 Wharf Over Rocks by Eastty2005-09-22 Wharf Over Rocks by Eastty 2005-09-23 White Cloud by Cassidy2005-09-23 White Cloud by Cassidy 2005-09-26 Jumpers by Corbett2005-09-26 Jumpers by Corbett 2005-09-27 Float and Flowers by Bradford2005-09-27 Float and Flowers by Bradford 2005-09-28 Spollett Chili Party by Samway2005-09-28 Spollett Chili Party by Samway 2005-09-29 Bay Street Postcard from Hubert2005-09-29 Bay Street Postcard from Hubert 2005-09-30 Eagle Over the Beach by Bradford2005-09-30 Eagle Over the Beach by Bradford 2005-10-03 Lobster Wharf at Owls Head by Sherman2005-10-03 Lobster Wharf at Owls Head by Sherman 2005-10-04 Controlled Burn by Zittle2005-10-04 Controlled Burn by Zittle 2005-10-05 Bayside Sunset by Scholhamer2005-10-05 Bayside Sunset by Scholhamer 2005-10-06 Juxtaposition by Stalla2005-10-06 Juxtaposition by Stalla 2005-10-07 Schooner by Cassidy2005-10-07 Schooner by Cassidy 2005-10-10 Cassidys Find Something2005-10-10 Cassidys Find Something 2005-10-11 Castine Cruise by Kelly2005-10-11 Castine Cruise by Kelly 2005-10-12 Swim Float Jump by Lojek2005-10-12 Swim Float Jump by Lojek 2005-10-13 Samways Keep Walking2005-10-13 Samways Keep Walking 2005-10-14 Secret Water Crew by Hall2005-10-14 Secret Water Crew by Hall 2005-10-17 Relaxing at Marshalls Cove by Kelly2005-10-17 Relaxing at Marshalls Cove by Kelly 2005-10-18 Coughlin Clan by Robbins2005-10-18 Coughlin Clan by Robbins 2005-10-19 End of the Season by Sherman2005-10-19 End of the Season by Sherman 2005-10-20 Crotch Island Rubble2005-10-20 Crotch Island Rubble 2005-10-21 Jaws by Lojek2005-10-21 Jaws by Lojek 2005-10-25 Flags by Dugal2005-10-25 Flags by Dugal 2005-10-26 Riding Rough by Mabee2005-10-26 Riding Rough by Mabee 2005-10-27 Big River by Mabee2005-10-27 Big River by Mabee 2005-10-28 Bayside Moonrise by Malvoso2005-10-28 Bayside Moonrise by Malvoso 2005-10-31 Rockport Halloween by Cassidy2005-10-31 Rockport Halloween by Cassidy 2005-11-01 Wheres the Body by Webster2005-11-01 Wheres the Body by Webster 2005-11-02 Lobster Rescue by Cassidy2005-11-02 Lobster Rescue by Cassidy 2005-11-03 Noreaster by Linn2005-11-03 Noreaster by Linn 2005-11-04 Elevated Raft by Vlodek2005-11-04 Elevated Raft by Vlodek 2005-11-07 Colors of Fall by Fitzgerald2005-11-07 Colors of Fall by Fitzgerald 2005-11-08 Downed Tree by Cassidy2005-11-08 Downed Tree by Cassidy 2005-11-09 Ready for Winter by Vlodek2005-11-09 Ready for Winter by Vlodek 2005-11-10 Built to Last by Lacoste2005-11-10 Built to Last by Lacoste 2005-11-11 Happy Birthday Danny2005-11-11 Happy Birthday Danny 2005-11-14 Pulling Moorings by Vlodek2005-11-14 Pulling Moorings by Vlodek 2005-11-15 Traveling Plans by Lojek2005-11-15 Traveling Plans by Lojek 2005-11-16 Lonely Sunrise by Fitzgerald2005-11-16 Lonely Sunrise by Fitzgerald 2005-11-17 Down on the Wharf from Huntoon2005-11-17 Down on the Wharf from Huntoon 2005-11-18 Happy Birthday America by Corbett2005-11-18 Happy Birthday America by Corbett 2005-11-21 Good Start by Malvoso2005-11-21 Good Start by Malvoso 2005-11-22 From a Cottage Window by Scholhamer2005-11-22 From a Cottage Window by Scholhamer 2005-11-23 Good Witch of the South2005-11-23 Good Witch of the South 2005-11-24 Thanksgiving in Bayside2005-11-24 Thanksgiving in Bayside 2005-11-25 Terry Samway and Grandkids2005-11-25 Terry Samway and Grandkids 2005-11-28 Shore Road Eagles2005-11-28 Shore Road Eagles 2005-11-29 Lazy Bayside Afternoon by Scholhamer2005-11-29 Lazy Bayside Afternoon by Scholhamer 2005-11-30 Walking Home2005-11-30 Walking Home 2005-12-01 Good Night Moon by Lojek2005-12-01 Good Night Moon by Lojek 2005-12-02 Friendly Chipmunk by Vlodek2005-12-02 Friendly Chipmunk by Vlodek 2005-12-05 Merchandise Man by Trenholm2005-12-05 Merchandise Man by Trenholm 2005-12-06 A Maine Tradition by Smith2005-12-06 A Maine Tradition by Smith 2005-12-07 December Sunrise by Lojek2005-12-07 December Sunrise by Lojek 2005-12-08 Daisy and the Buoys by Smith2005-12-08 Daisy and the Buoys by Smith 2005-12-09 Belfast Bridge Postcard from Hubert2005-12-09 Belfast Bridge Postcard from Hubert 2005-12-12 First Snowfall by Kennedy2005-12-12 First Snowfall by Kennedy 2005-12-13 Connor Competes by Cassidy2005-12-13 Connor Competes by Cassidy 2005-12-14 Surrounding the Tree by Lojek2005-12-14 Surrounding the Tree by Lojek 2005-12-15 Llamas by Closter2005-12-15 Llamas by Closter 2005-12-16 Admiring the View by Webster2005-12-16 Admiring the View by Webster 2005-12-19 Wrapped for Christmas by Lojek2005-12-19 Wrapped for Christmas by Lojek 2005-12-20 Jims New Boat by Fuller2005-12-20 Jims New Boat by Fuller 2005-12-21 Hands by Stalla2005-12-21 Hands by Stalla 2005-12-22 Hampton Falls Santa by Samway2005-12-22 Hampton Falls Santa by Samway 2005-12-23 Christmas Wharf 1987 by Samway2005-12-23 Christmas Wharf 1987 by Samway 2005-12-25 Fresh Snow for Christmas by Crosby2005-12-25 Fresh Snow for Christmas by Crosby 2005-12-26 Moonrise2005-12-26 Moonrise 2005-12-27 Zap by Robbins2005-12-27 Zap by Robbins 2005-12-28 Bayside Christmas by Gilmore2005-12-28 Bayside Christmas by Gilmore 2005-12-29 Belfast Harbor by Coughlin2005-12-29 Belfast Harbor by Coughlin 2005-12-30 Fun Race Finale by Kelly2005-12-30 Fun Race Finale by Kelly