2004 Picture-of-the-Day Archives

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2004-01-01 Sailors Take Warning by Mabee2004-01-01 Sailors Take Warning by Mabee 2004-01-02 Swallowdale by Witherill2004-01-02 Swallowdale by Witherill 2004-01-05 Dick & Jeanette Tardif by Lojek2004-01-05 Dick & Jeanette Tardif by Lojek 2004-01-06 Mirabelle by White2004-01-06 Mirabelle by White 2004-01-07 Seaglass by Lojek2004-01-07 Seaglass by Lojek 2004-01-08 The Yacht Race Postcard2004-01-08 The Yacht Race Postcard 2004-01-09 Bayside Haze by Kelly2004-01-09 Bayside Haze by Kelly 2004-01-12 Sea Smoke by Plummer2004-01-12 Sea Smoke by Plummer 2004-01-13 Full Moon Rising by Closter2004-01-13 Full Moon Rising by Closter 2004-01-14 Nineteen Below by Closter2004-01-14 Nineteen Below by Closter 2004-01-14 Two of a Kind by Lojek2004-01-14 Two of a Kind by Lojek 2004-01-15 Foggy Sunset by Samway2004-01-15 Foggy Sunset by Samway 2004-01-16 High Tide Jump by Lojek2004-01-16 High Tide Jump by Lojek 2004-01-19 Wharf and Seasmoke by Mills2004-01-19 Wharf and Seasmoke by Mills 2004-01-20 Sunrise by Lojek2004-01-20 Sunrise by Lojek 2004-01-21 Alli's Place2004-01-21 Alli's Place 2004-01-22 Sand Dollars2004-01-22 Sand Dollars 2004-01-23 Art Hall at Yard Sale2004-01-23 Art Hall at Yard Sale 2004-01-26 Bitter Beauty by Plummer2004-01-26 Bitter Beauty by Plummer 2004-01-27 Broadway Cottages from Brockway2004-01-27 Broadway Cottages from Brockway 2004-01-28 Schooner Race by Lacoste2004-01-28 Schooner Race by Lacoste 2004-01-29 Fish Eye View by Smith2004-01-29 Fish Eye View by Smith 2004-01-30 Sherman Cottage by Sheffield2004-01-30 Sherman Cottage by Sheffield 2004-02-02 Cold Sea by Closter2004-02-02 Cold Sea by Closter 2004-02-03 Jr Yacht Club Meeting by Lojek2004-02-03 Jr Yacht Club Meeting by Lojek 2004-02-04 Sea Smoke Sunrise by Crosby2004-02-04 Sea Smoke Sunrise by Crosby 2004-02-05 Frozen Seawall by Closter2004-02-05 Frozen Seawall by Closter 2004-02-06 Beach Play2004-02-06 Beach Play 2004-02-09 Islesboro Sunrise2004-02-09 Islesboro Sunrise 2004-02-10 Sea Smoke by Mabee2004-02-10 Sea Smoke by Mabee 2004-02-11 Merithew Square by Lojek2004-02-11 Merithew Square by Lojek 2004-02-12 Come Along and Sanctuary by Witherill2004-02-12 Come Along and Sanctuary by Witherill 2004-02-13 BHPS Museum Cottage by Crofoot2004-02-13 BHPS Museum Cottage by Crofoot 2004-02-16 Old Orchard Beach by Freeman2004-02-16 Old Orchard Beach by Freeman 2004-02-17 Stairs to Beach2004-02-17 Stairs to Beach 2004-02-18 Winter Boating by Bradford2004-02-18 Winter Boating by Bradford 2004-02-19 Alli on Ramp2004-02-19 Alli on Ramp 2004-02-20 Beach Ice by Closter2004-02-20 Beach Ice by Closter 2004-02-23 Brrrrrrr by Lojek2004-02-23 Brrrrrrr by Lojek 2004-02-24 January Morning by Closter2004-02-24 January Morning by Closter 2004-02-25 Beach Swimming2004-02-25 Beach Swimming 2004-02-26 Schooner View2004-02-26 Schooner View 2004-02-27 Ruggles Park from Water by Norton2004-02-27 Ruggles Park from Water by Norton 2004-03-01 Saco Sign by Freeman2004-03-01 Saco Sign by Freeman 2004-03-02 Balancing Ben2004-03-02 Balancing Ben 2004-03-03 Owls Head Beach by Sherman2004-03-03 Owls Head Beach by Sherman 2004-03-04 Saturday Cove Winter by Lojek2004-03-04 Saturday Cove Winter by Lojek 2004-03-05 Parade by Bravo2004-03-05 Parade by Bravo 2004-03-08 Eggemoggin Reach Bridge2004-03-08 Eggemoggin Reach Bridge 2004-03-09 Rock2004-03-09 Rock 2004-03-10 NGC Closed for the Season by Lojek2004-03-10 NGC Closed for the Season by Lojek 2004-03-11 Islesboro Sunrise by Bradford2004-03-11 Islesboro Sunrise by Bradford 2004-03-12 Star by Lightner2004-03-12 Star by Lightner 2004-03-15 Frozen Camden Waterfall by Samway2004-03-15 Frozen Camden Waterfall by Samway 2004-03-16 Unfrozen Camden Waterfall2004-03-16 Unfrozen Camden Waterfall 2004-03-17 Belfast Through the Smoke by Samway2004-03-17 Belfast Through the Smoke by Samway 2004-03-18 Low Tide by Smith2004-03-18 Low Tide by Smith 2004-03-19 Lacoste Cottage by Lacoste2004-03-19 Lacoste Cottage by Lacoste 2004-03-22 Witherill at the Helm by Witherill2004-03-22 Witherill at the Helm by Witherill 2004-03-23 Cold Duck by Mabee2004-03-23 Cold Duck by Mabee 2004-03-24 Window on Winter by Lacoste2004-03-24 Window on Winter by Lacoste 2004-03-25 Historical Auditorium Park2004-03-25 Historical Auditorium Park 2004-03-26 Seawall2004-03-26 Seawall 2004-03-29 Camden Harbor Aerial2004-03-29 Camden Harbor Aerial 2004-03-30 Sailboat and Blue Hill by Bradford2004-03-30 Sailboat and Blue Hill by Bradford 2004-03-31 Rockland Lobster by Smith2004-03-31 Rockland Lobster by Smith 2004-04-03 South Shore Chit Chat by Smith2004-04-03 South Shore Chit Chat by Smith 2004-04-05 Red Sails by Smith2004-04-05 Red Sails by Smith 2004-04-06 Bayside Grocery by Block2004-04-06 Bayside Grocery by Block 2004-04-07 Bald Rock Aerial2004-04-07 Bald Rock Aerial 2004-04-08 Belfast Harbor Ramp by Smith2004-04-08 Belfast Harbor Ramp by Smith 2004-04-09 Dan 3 and Dan 5 by Dan 42004-04-09 Dan 3 and Dan 5 by Dan 4 2004-04-12 Fisherwoman by Smith2004-04-12 Fisherwoman by Smith 2004-04-13 Cameo Gets a Basement2004-04-13 Cameo Gets a Basement 2004-04-14 Swim Float by Stables2004-04-14 Swim Float by Stables 2004-04-15 Joe Wiecha by Smith2004-04-15 Joe Wiecha by Smith 2004-04-16 Lincolnville Aerial2004-04-16 Lincolnville Aerial 2004-04-19 Mike and Olivia in Dinghy by Kennedy2004-04-19 Mike and Olivia in Dinghy by Kennedy 2004-04-20 Future Yacht Club Member by Smith2004-04-20 Future Yacht Club Member by Smith 2004-04-21 NVC Office2004-04-21 NVC Office 2004-04-22 Porch Flowers by Stables2004-04-22 Porch Flowers by Stables 2004-04-23 Maine Tradition by Smith2004-04-23 Maine Tradition by Smith 2004-04-28 Gulls on Rocks by Smith2004-04-28 Gulls on Rocks by Smith 2004-04-29 Kids at Wharf Railing2004-04-29 Kids at Wharf Railing 2004-04-30 Taking Note by Stables2004-04-30 Taking Note by Stables 2004-05-03 Landscaped Sunset2004-05-03 Landscaped Sunset 2004-05-04 Kelly Cove by Lacoste2004-05-04 Kelly Cove by Lacoste 2004-05-05 Benched with Laura Mills2004-05-05 Benched with Laura Mills 2004-05-06 Rowing Home2004-05-06 Rowing Home 2004-05-07 Rope on Seawall2004-05-07 Rope on Seawall 2004-05-10 Evening Wharf2004-05-10 Evening Wharf 2004-05-11 Enjoying the Wharf2004-05-11 Enjoying the Wharf 2004-05-12 Duane Cottage at Sunset2004-05-12 Duane Cottage at Sunset 2004-05-13 Silhouetted Lobstermen by Smith2004-05-13 Silhouetted Lobstermen by Smith 2004-05-14 Swimming at Dusk2004-05-14 Swimming at Dusk 2004-05-17 Beached Raft2004-05-17 Beached Raft 2004-05-18 Moving the Stalla Cottage2004-05-18 Moving the Stalla Cottage 2004-05-19 Turtle Head Sunset2004-05-19 Turtle Head Sunset 2004-05-20 Yacht Club and Bayside Inn2004-05-20 Yacht Club and Bayside Inn 2004-05-21 Swinging2004-05-21 Swinging 2004-05-24 March to the Sea by Mabee2004-05-24 March to the Sea by Mabee 2004-05-25 Penobscot Geese by Smith2004-05-25 Penobscot Geese by Smith 2004-05-26 Summer Dreams by Mabee2004-05-26 Summer Dreams by Mabee 2004-05-28 Sunrise by Sprock2004-05-28 Sunrise by Sprock 2004-05-31 Anchor2004-05-31 Anchor 2004-06-01 Baysiders in England by Crowe2004-06-01 Baysiders in England by Crowe 2004-06-03 Flag and Sunset Together by Witherell2004-06-03 Flag and Sunset Together by Witherell 2004-06-04 Traffic2004-06-04 Traffic 2004-06-07 NYC Yard Sale2004-06-07 NYC Yard Sale 2004-06-08 Cottage by Stables2004-06-08 Cottage by Stables 2004-06-09 Pebbles2004-06-09 Pebbles 2004-06-10 Painting the Town2004-06-10 Painting the Town 2004-06-11 Samways and Reagan2004-06-11 Samways and Reagan 2004-06-14 Bayside from Youngs2004-06-14 Bayside from Youngs 2004-06-15 Bayside - The Present by Samway2004-06-15 Bayside - The Present by Samway 2004-06-16 Bayside - The Future by Samway2004-06-16 Bayside - The Future by Samway 2004-06-17 Fog Rolls In2004-06-17 Fog Rolls In 2004-06-18 Wharf Sunset2004-06-18 Wharf Sunset 2004-06-21 Summer Flowers by Duane2004-06-21 Summer Flowers by Duane 2004-06-22 Whats Down There by Steele2004-06-22 Whats Down There by Steele 2004-06-23 Park Row and Beach by Sprock2004-06-23 Park Row and Beach by Sprock 2004-06-24 Northport Fire Engine by Rector2004-06-24 Northport Fire Engine by Rector 2004-06-25 Pig Race at Bangor Fair by Smith2004-06-25 Pig Race at Bangor Fair by Smith 2004-06-28 Summers First Swim by Lacoste2004-06-28 Summers First Swim by Lacoste 2004-06-29 Osprey Fishing by Samway2004-06-29 Osprey Fishing by Samway 2004-06-30 Foggy Belfast Docks by Smith2004-06-30 Foggy Belfast Docks by Smith 2004-07-01 Fun on Boulder Rock by Smith2004-07-01 Fun on Boulder Rock by Smith 2004-07-02 R and R in Bayside by Smith2004-07-02 R and R in Bayside by Smith 2004-07-06 Simpson and Waterslide2004-07-06 Simpson and Waterslide 2004-07-07 Sack Race Finish2004-07-07 Sack Race Finish 2004-07-08 Greased Watermelon2004-07-08 Greased Watermelon 2004-07-09 Bonfire2004-07-09 Bonfire 2004-07-12 Lollipop Kids by Whitten2004-07-12 Lollipop Kids by Whitten 2004-07-13 Best Band in the Land by Samway2004-07-13 Best Band in the Land by Samway 2004-07-14 Stan Stalla Returns by Samway2004-07-14 Stan Stalla Returns by Samway 2004-07-15 Huck Finns of Bayside by Smith2004-07-15 Huck Finns of Bayside by Smith 2004-07-16 Fog Storm2004-07-16 Fog Storm 2004-07-19 Ungodly Hour by Lojek2004-07-19 Ungodly Hour by Lojek 2004-07-20 Running the Race by Crofoot2004-07-20 Running the Race by Crofoot 2004-07-21 Spirit of 76 by Crofoot2004-07-21 Spirit of 76 by Crofoot 2004-07-22 Bonfire by Samway2004-07-22 Bonfire by Samway 2004-07-23 Priscilla Kelly2004-07-23 Priscilla Kelly 2004-07-26 Art on the Rock by Lojek2004-07-26 Art on the Rock by Lojek 2004-07-27 Eleanor Cross Nunn by Keats2004-07-27 Eleanor Cross Nunn by Keats 2004-07-28 NYC on the Bay by Smith2004-07-28 NYC on the Bay by Smith 2004-07-29 Husseys by Christen2004-07-29 Husseys by Christen 2004-07-30 Kite Sailing in the Park by Smith2004-07-30 Kite Sailing in the Park by Smith 2004-08-02 Paul Weisenbach by Lojek2004-08-02 Paul Weisenbach by Lojek 2004-08-03 Raftbuilders by Webster2004-08-03 Raftbuilders by Webster 2004-08-04 Cookie Sale by Lojek2004-08-04 Cookie Sale by Lojek 2004-08-05 Schooner by Webster2004-08-05 Schooner by Webster 2004-08-06 Doug and Sima Miskas by Lojek2004-08-06 Doug and Sima Miskas by Lojek 2004-08-09 Rainbow by Cressey2004-08-09 Rainbow by Cressey 2004-08-10 Little Mermaid by Lojek2004-08-10 Little Mermaid by Lojek 2004-08-11 Field Day Parade by Samway2004-08-11 Field Day Parade by Samway 2004-08-12 Upon Our Return by Block2004-08-12 Upon Our Return by Block 2004-08-13 Rainbow Boat by Webster2004-08-13 Rainbow Boat by Webster 2004-08-16 Garden Party 20042004-08-16 Garden Party 2004 2004-08-17 Dusk by Lojek2004-08-17 Dusk by Lojek 2004-08-18 Beach Chair2004-08-18 Beach Chair 2004-08-19 Low Tide at Little River by Lojek2004-08-19 Low Tide at Little River by Lojek 2004-08-20 Marshall Cove Fun by Cassidy2004-08-20 Marshall Cove Fun by Cassidy 2004-08-23 Last Day of Sailing 12004-08-23 Last Day of Sailing 1 2004-08-24 Daily Serenity by Kazilionis2004-08-24 Daily Serenity by Kazilionis 2004-08-25 Ben Driving Mirabelle by Merolla2004-08-25 Ben Driving Mirabelle by Merolla 2004-08-26 Doggy Paddle by Don Webster2004-08-26 Doggy Paddle by Don Webster 2004-08-27 Belly Bump by Keats2004-08-27 Belly Bump by Keats 2004-08-30 Phlox Fence by Higgins2004-08-30 Phlox Fence by Higgins 2004-08-31 Trish and Her Students2004-08-31 Trish and Her Students 2004-09-01 Rainy Day Walk by Montgomery2004-09-01 Rainy Day Walk by Montgomery 2004-09-02 Last Day of Sailing 82004-09-02 Last Day of Sailing 8 2004-09-03 NYC Burgee2004-09-03 NYC Burgee 2004-09-07 Final Sunrise2004-09-07 Final Sunrise 2004-09-08 Walt Downs Series Winners2004-09-08 Walt Downs Series Winners 2004-09-10 Bayside Bailers by Lojek2004-09-10 Bayside Bailers by Lojek 2004-09-13 Bad Seed2004-09-13 Bad Seed 2004-09-14 Last Race of the Season by Stalla2004-09-14 Last Race of the Season by Stalla 2004-09-15 Guest at Mooring by Vlodek2004-09-15 Guest at Mooring by Vlodek 2004-09-16 Jr Yacht Club Rowing Races by Cassidy2004-09-16 Jr Yacht Club Rowing Races by Cassidy 2004-09-17 Dusk by Lojek2004-09-17 Dusk by Lojek 2004-09-20 Dogs Best Friend by Lojek2004-09-20 Dogs Best Friend by Lojek 2004-09-21 Cruising Along Shore Road by Smith2004-09-21 Cruising Along Shore Road by Smith 2004-09-22 Hams by Lojek2004-09-22 Hams by Lojek 2004-09-23 Over-Crewed by Cassidy2004-09-23 Over-Crewed by Cassidy 2004-09-24 End of Day by Mabee2004-09-24 End of Day by Mabee 2004-09-27 Camden from Mt Battie by Smith2004-09-27 Camden from Mt Battie by Smith 2004-09-28 Laborers by Lojek2004-09-28 Laborers by Lojek 2004-09-29 Entertainment by Lojek2004-09-29 Entertainment by Lojek 2004-09-30 Shes a Big Boat by Lacoste2004-09-30 Shes a Big Boat by Lacoste 2004-10-01 Tim and Ann Marie by Cassidy2004-10-01 Tim and Ann Marie by Cassidy 2004-10-04 Lobster Buoy2004-10-04 Lobster Buoy 2004-10-05 Getting Ready to Race by Montgomery2004-10-05 Getting Ready to Race by Montgomery 2004-10-06 South Portland Light by Smith2004-10-06 South Portland Light by Smith 2004-10-07 Lovejoys and Honora by Lojek2004-10-07 Lovejoys and Honora by Lojek 2004-10-08 Wild Asters on George by Smith2004-10-08 Wild Asters on George by Smith 2004-10-11 Mast Climber by Bradford2004-10-11 Mast Climber by Bradford 2004-10-12 Labor Day Sunset by Lojek2004-10-12 Labor Day Sunset by Lojek 2004-10-13 Last Race of the Season by Stalla2004-10-13 Last Race of the Season by Stalla 2004-10-14 Windjammer by Cassidy2004-10-14 Windjammer by Cassidy 2004-10-15 Camden Docks by Smith2004-10-15 Camden Docks by Smith 2004-10-19 Dan Webster Surveys the Bay by Maass2004-10-19 Dan Webster Surveys the Bay by Maass 2004-10-20 Fall Foliage by Bradford2004-10-20 Fall Foliage by Bradford 2004-10-21 Bill Dykstra and His Mom by Lojek2004-10-21 Bill Dykstra and His Mom by Lojek 2004-10-22 Jr Yacht Club Rowing Races by Cassidy2004-10-22 Jr Yacht Club Rowing Races by Cassidy 2004-10-25 Sailboat on the Rocks by Williams2004-10-25 Sailboat on the Rocks by Williams 2004-10-26 Saturday Cove by Lojek2004-10-26 Saturday Cove by Lojek 2004-10-27 Go Red Sox by Ruggles2004-10-27 Go Red Sox by Ruggles 2004-10-28 Kids on the Railing by Lojek2004-10-28 Kids on the Railing by Lojek 2004-10-29 Pumpkin Faces by Smith2004-10-29 Pumpkin Faces by Smith 2004-11-01 October Sunrise by Lojek2004-11-01 October Sunrise by Lojek 2004-11-02 The Plunge by Maass2004-11-02 The Plunge by Maass 2004-11-03 Start of Islesboro Race by Vlodek2004-11-03 Start of Islesboro Race by Vlodek 2004-11-04 Towns by Smith2004-11-04 Towns by Smith 2004-11-05 Old Friends by Sherman2004-11-05 Old Friends by Sherman 2004-11-08 Red Sox Fans2004-11-08 Red Sox Fans 2004-11-09 Short Red Sox Fan by Conner2004-11-09 Short Red Sox Fan by Conner 2004-11-10 Dog Winners by Closter2004-11-10 Dog Winners by Closter 2004-11-11 Kids on Bald Rock2004-11-11 Kids on Bald Rock 2004-11-12 Gulls at Breezy Point by Vlodek2004-11-12 Gulls at Breezy Point by Vlodek 2004-11-15 MaineSailingSchool 12004-11-15 MaineSailingSchool 1 2004-11-16 MaineSailingSchool 22004-11-16 MaineSailingSchool 2 2004-11-17 MaineSailingSchool 32004-11-17 MaineSailingSchool 3 2004-11-18 MaineSailingSchool 42004-11-18 MaineSailingSchool 4 2004-11-19 MaineSailingSchool 52004-11-19 MaineSailingSchool 5 2004-11-22 MaineSailingSchool 62004-11-22 MaineSailingSchool 6 2004-11-23 MaineSailingSchool 72004-11-23 MaineSailingSchool 7 2004-11-24 MaineSailingSchool 82004-11-24 MaineSailingSchool 8 2004-11-25 Penobscot Sunrise by Maass2004-11-25 Penobscot Sunrise by Maass 2004-11-26 Camden Harbor by Smith2004-11-26 Camden Harbor by Smith 2004-11-29 Waiting to be Hauled by Vlodek2004-11-29 Waiting to be Hauled by Vlodek 2004-11-30 Lincolnville First Snow by Lojek2004-11-30 Lincolnville First Snow by Lojek 2004-12-01 HMS Belfast2004-12-01 HMS Belfast 2004-12-02 All Quacked Up by Lojek2004-12-02 All Quacked Up by Lojek 2004-12-03 Marshall Cove Fun by Merolla2004-12-03 Marshall Cove Fun by Merolla 2004-12-06 Swan Lake Fun by Bravo2004-12-06 Swan Lake Fun by Bravo 2004-12-07 Basketball Boys by Bailey Lojek2004-12-07 Basketball Boys by Bailey Lojek 2004-12-08 American Glory in Belfast by Bradford2004-12-08 American Glory in Belfast by Bradford 2004-12-09 The Social Bird by Maass2004-12-09 The Social Bird by Maass 2004-12-10 Walk on the Sandbar by Lojek2004-12-10 Walk on the Sandbar by Lojek 2004-12-13 December Rains by Mabee2004-12-13 December Rains by Mabee 2004-12-14 A Better Foundation by Samway2004-12-14 A Better Foundation by Samway 2004-12-15 Out With the Old by Samway2004-12-15 Out With the Old by Samway 2004-12-16 Bravos on the Bay by Bravo2004-12-16 Bravos on the Bay by Bravo 2004-12-17 Judy and Nancy Kayaking by Scholhamer2004-12-17 Judy and Nancy Kayaking by Scholhamer 2004-12-20 From a Cottage Window by Scholhamer2004-12-20 From a Cottage Window by Scholhamer 2004-12-21 Around Islesboro by Krulis2004-12-21 Around Islesboro by Krulis 2004-12-22 Out of Harms Way2004-12-22 Out of Harms Way 2004-12-23 Saturday Cove Sunrise by Lojek2004-12-23 Saturday Cove Sunrise by Lojek 2004-12-24 Bayside Christmas Tree by Vlodek2004-12-24 Bayside Christmas Tree by Vlodek 2004-12-26 Christmas Ducks by Bradford2004-12-26 Christmas Ducks by Bradford 2004-12-27 No Frills Winterizing by Vlodek2004-12-27 No Frills Winterizing by Vlodek 2004-12-28 Boats Through Trees by Bloom2004-12-28 Boats Through Trees by Bloom 2004-12-29 Returning Home by Lojek2004-12-29 Returning Home by Lojek 2004-12-30 Poulins Prefab by Vlodek2004-12-30 Poulins Prefab by Vlodek 2004-12-31 Kwanza in Yarmouth by Cressey2004-12-31 Kwanza in Yarmouth by Cressey