2003 Picture-of-the-Day Archives

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2003-01-02 First Sunrise of 20032003-01-02 First Sunrise of 2003 2003-01-03 Park Row Winter 1 20022003-01-03 Park Row Winter 1 2002 2003-01-06 Lone Boat2003-01-06 Lone Boat 2003-01-07 Piling2003-01-07 Piling 2003-01-08 Historical Northport Boat Landing2003-01-08 Historical Northport Boat Landing 2003-01-09 Mariah On Water Slide2003-01-09 Mariah On Water Slide 2003-01-10 January 4th Storm2003-01-10 January 4th Storm 2003-01-13 Bayside Turkeys2003-01-13 Bayside Turkeys 2003-01-14 Winter Wharf2003-01-14 Winter Wharf 2003-01-15 January Storm2003-01-15 January Storm 2003-01-16 Library Winter 20022003-01-16 Library Winter 2002 2003-01-17 Fair Point2003-01-17 Fair Point 2003-01-20 Christmas Cottage2003-01-20 Christmas Cottage 2003-01-21 Wharf Wreath2003-01-21 Wharf Wreath 2003-01-22 Wharf from South2003-01-22 Wharf from South 2003-01-23 Gilkey Harbor2003-01-23 Gilkey Harbor 2003-01-24 Sea Smoke2003-01-24 Sea Smoke 2003-01-27 Beach Ice2003-01-27 Beach Ice 2003-01-28 Boat Wreath2003-01-28 Boat Wreath 2003-01-29 Bayside Blondes2003-01-29 Bayside Blondes 2003-01-30 Historical Gray Rock Cottage2003-01-30 Historical Gray Rock Cottage 2003-01-31 Garrett Owen Mariah2003-01-31 Garrett Owen Mariah 2003-02-03 Moonrise Over Bayside2003-02-03 Moonrise Over Bayside 2003-02-04 Annah at Mooring2003-02-04 Annah at Mooring 2003-02-05 Historical Auditorium2003-02-05 Historical Auditorium 2003-02-06 Lightner & Hall2003-02-06 Lightner & Hall 2003-02-07 Beale Park Winter2003-02-07 Beale Park Winter 2003-02-10 Luke Facepaint2003-02-10 Luke Facepaint 2003-02-11 Bay Labor2003-02-11 Bay Labor 2003-02-12 Moon Over Moose Point2003-02-12 Moon Over Moose Point 2003-02-13 NYC Early AM2003-02-13 NYC Early AM 2003-02-14 Audrey Pony Ride2003-02-14 Audrey Pony Ride 2003-02-17 Baldacci and Lovejoy2003-02-17 Baldacci and Lovejoy 2003-02-18 Bodhi2003-02-18 Bodhi 2003-02-19 A Speck of Red2003-02-19 A Speck of Red 2003-02-20 Village Fence2003-02-20 Village Fence 2003-02-21 Merithew Square2003-02-21 Merithew Square 2003-02-24 Shore Acres2003-02-24 Shore Acres 2003-02-25 Summer Sunrise2003-02-25 Summer Sunrise 2003-02-26 Frozen Cove2003-02-26 Frozen Cove 2003-02-27 Park Row Sunrise2003-02-27 Park Row Sunrise 2003-02-28 Frozen Little River2003-02-28 Frozen Little River 2003-03-03 NYC & Boats2003-03-03 NYC & Boats 2003-03-04 Park Row2003-03-04 Park Row 2003-03-05 Porches by Smith2003-03-05 Porches by Smith 2003-03-06 Schooner2003-03-06 Schooner 2003-03-07 Summer Sunrise 22003-03-07 Summer Sunrise 2 2003-03-10 Looking for Help2003-03-10 Looking for Help 2003-03-11 Scene at Northport2003-03-11 Scene at Northport 2003-03-12 Luke on Bald Rock2003-03-12 Luke on Bald Rock 2003-03-13 NASA Image2003-03-13 NASA Image 2003-03-14 Audrey & Wharf2003-03-14 Audrey & Wharf 2003-03-17 Bayside Wharf2003-03-17 Bayside Wharf 2003-03-18 Dock2003-03-18 Dock 2003-03-19 Historical Hastings Store2003-03-19 Historical Hastings Store 2003-03-20 Ruggles Park from the Air2003-03-20 Ruggles Park from the Air 2003-03-21 Rigging 22003-03-21 Rigging 2 2003-03-24 Bald Eagle2003-03-24 Bald Eagle 2003-03-25 Drainpipe2003-03-25 Drainpipe 2003-03-26 Navigator Witherill2003-03-26 Navigator Witherill 2003-03-27 Swallowdale Flowers2003-03-27 Swallowdale Flowers 2003-03-28 Birch Island2003-03-28 Birch Island 2003-03-31 Ruggles Park Color Postcard2003-03-31 Ruggles Park Color Postcard 2003-04-01 Sunrise Over the Bay2003-04-01 Sunrise Over the Bay 2003-04-02 Steve Piloting Mirabelle2003-04-02 Steve Piloting Mirabelle 2003-04-03 Northport Hotel Postcard 19062003-04-03 Northport Hotel Postcard 1906 2003-04-04 Naked Wharf2003-04-04 Naked Wharf 2003-04-07 Bayside Watch by Mabee2003-04-07 Bayside Watch by Mabee 2003-04-08 Southern Anchorage2003-04-08 Southern Anchorage 2003-04-09 Biting the Bullet2003-04-09 Biting the Bullet 2003-04-10 Kelly Cove Picnic2003-04-10 Kelly Cove Picnic 2003-04-11 August Moon at South Shore2003-04-11 August Moon at South Shore 2003-04-14 Winterized Windjammer2003-04-14 Winterized Windjammer 2003-04-15 Don and Spoofer2003-04-15 Don and Spoofer 2003-04-16 Windjammer by Scholhamer2003-04-16 Windjammer by Scholhamer 2003-04-17 Bayside Regatta by Scholhamer2003-04-17 Bayside Regatta by Scholhamer 2003-04-18 Spring Time by Smith2003-04-18 Spring Time by Smith 2003-04-21 Wharf Aerial Mid-90s by Samway2003-04-21 Wharf Aerial Mid-90s by Samway 2003-04-22 Bayside Rainbow by Samway2003-04-22 Bayside Rainbow by Samway 2003-04-23 Moose on the Beach by Samway2003-04-23 Moose on the Beach by Samway 2003-04-24 Winter Library by Samway2003-04-24 Winter Library by Samway 2003-04-25 Bayside Aerial Mid-90s by Samway2003-04-25 Bayside Aerial Mid-90s by Samway 2003-04-29 Moonrise by Mabee2003-04-29 Moonrise by Mabee 2003-04-30 Easter at the Rands by Lojek2003-04-30 Easter at the Rands by Lojek 2003-05-01 Signs of Spring by Smith2003-05-01 Signs of Spring by Smith 2003-05-02 Bayside Oil Tanker by Lojek2003-05-02 Bayside Oil Tanker by Lojek 2003-05-05 Bayside Turkeys by Samway2003-05-05 Bayside Turkeys by Samway 2003-05-06 Al Keith by Huntoon2003-05-06 Al Keith by Huntoon 2003-05-07 Bayside Cats by Smith2003-05-07 Bayside Cats by Smith 2003-05-08 Rock Sculpture by Crofoot2003-05-08 Rock Sculpture by Crofoot 2003-05-09 Baby Eagle by Mabee2003-05-09 Baby Eagle by Mabee 2003-05-12 Main Street by Cassidy2003-05-12 Main Street by Cassidy 2003-05-13 Trees by Lojek2003-05-13 Trees by Lojek 2003-05-14 Steps by Lojek2003-05-14 Steps by Lojek 2003-05-15 Belfast Library Postcard2003-05-15 Belfast Library Postcard 2003-05-16 Northport Golf Course2003-05-16 Northport Golf Course 2003-05-19 Red Bench by Lojek2003-05-19 Red Bench by Lojek 2003-05-20 Fog Machines by Mabee2003-05-20 Fog Machines by Mabee 2003-05-21 Chipmunk on Seawall2003-05-21 Chipmunk on Seawall 2003-05-22 Hastings Store 19382003-05-22 Hastings Store 1938 2003-05-23 Handlers by Samway2003-05-23 Handlers by Samway 2003-05-27 Bay Street Cottages2003-05-27 Bay Street Cottages 2003-05-28 Gig Race by Bradford2003-05-28 Gig Race by Bradford 2003-05-29 Greased Watermelon2003-05-29 Greased Watermelon 2003-05-30 Sara at Fire2003-05-30 Sara at Fire 2003-06-02 Is That Blue Sky by Mabee2003-06-02 Is That Blue Sky by Mabee 2003-06-03 Aunt Lindsay2003-06-03 Aunt Lindsay 2003-06-04 Seals Afloat by Mabee2003-06-04 Seals Afloat by Mabee 2003-06-06 Eagle on Post by Mabee2003-06-06 Eagle on Post by Mabee 2003-06-09 Dick Lagner2003-06-09 Dick Lagner 2003-06-10 Mussel Harvesting2003-06-10 Mussel Harvesting 2003-06-11 Northport Campground Postcard2003-06-11 Northport Campground Postcard 2003-06-12 Outside Community Hall 12003-06-12 Outside Community Hall 1 2003-06-13 Spollett in Fall2003-06-13 Spollett in Fall 2003-06-16 Schooner by Merolla2003-06-16 Schooner by Merolla 2003-06-17 Gazebo by Mulligan2003-06-17 Gazebo by Mulligan 2003-06-18 Trenholms at Fenway2003-06-18 Trenholms at Fenway 2003-06-20 Mirabelle by White2003-06-20 Mirabelle by White 2003-06-23 Schooner by Bradford2003-06-23 Schooner by Bradford 2003-06-24 Bayside Reflections by Mabee2003-06-24 Bayside Reflections by Mabee 2003-06-25 Victory Chimes by Mulligan2003-06-25 Victory Chimes by Mulligan 2003-06-26 Around Islesboro Skippers Meeting2003-06-26 Around Islesboro Skippers Meeting 2003-06-27 South Shore from the Air2003-06-27 South Shore from the Air 2003-06-30 Welcome by Samway2003-06-30 Welcome by Samway 2003-07-01 Ed Williams by Hall2003-07-01 Ed Williams by Hall 2003-07-02 Jet Over Bayside2003-07-02 Jet Over Bayside 2003-07-03 Bald Rock Sunrise2003-07-03 Bald Rock Sunrise 2003-07-04 Sunrise on the Fourth by Samway2003-07-04 Sunrise on the Fourth by Samway 2003-07-07 Relay Race 32003-07-07 Relay Race 3 2003-07-08 Bonfire 12003-07-08 Bonfire 1 2003-07-14 BHPS Cottage by Sherman2003-07-14 BHPS Cottage by Sherman 2003-07-15 Bowling Green View by Mulligan2003-07-15 Bowling Green View by Mulligan 2003-07-16 Park Row by Gillock2003-07-16 Park Row by Gillock 2003-07-17 The Start by Samway2003-07-17 The Start by Samway 2003-07-18 Destroyer by Merolla2003-07-18 Destroyer by Merolla 2003-07-21 Two Ships 22003-07-21 Two Ships 2 2003-07-22 Wharf Sunset 12003-07-22 Wharf Sunset 1 2003-07-23 Belfast Harbor by Kelly2003-07-23 Belfast Harbor by Kelly 2003-07-24 Rockland Race by Hall2003-07-24 Rockland Race by Hall 2003-07-25 Ghost Masts2003-07-25 Ghost Masts 2003-07-28 Herb Smith2003-07-28 Herb Smith 2003-07-29 Parade Rest by Mabee2003-07-29 Parade Rest by Mabee 2003-07-30 Ship Party2003-07-30 Ship Party 2003-07-31 Bruce Elaine Smith by Hall2003-07-31 Bruce Elaine Smith by Hall 2003-08-01 Ripple in Race by Bradford2003-08-01 Ripple in Race by Bradford 2003-08-02 Garden Party 52003-08-02 Garden Party 5 2003-08-04 Owls Head Light by Sherman2003-08-04 Owls Head Light by Sherman 2003-08-05 George Metcalf by Smith2003-08-05 George Metcalf by Smith 2003-08-06 John Short Race 2 by Merolla2003-08-06 John Short Race 2 by Merolla 2003-08-07 Pancake Crew by Samway2003-08-07 Pancake Crew by Samway 2003-08-08 Fog Bank by Samway2003-08-08 Fog Bank by Samway 2003-08-11 Boat Load of Flowers by Gillock2003-08-11 Boat Load of Flowers by Gillock 2003-08-12 Margie & Gordon by Hall2003-08-12 Margie & Gordon by Hall 2003-08-13 Kayaking by Gillock2003-08-13 Kayaking by Gillock 2003-08-14 Witherill by Samway2003-08-14 Witherill by Samway 2003-08-15 Cottage Restoration by Sherman2003-08-15 Cottage Restoration by Sherman 2003-08-18 Pirate Raft2003-08-18 Pirate Raft 2003-08-19 Bayside Pyramid2003-08-19 Bayside Pyramid 2003-08-20 How Much by Christin2003-08-20 How Much by Christin 2003-08-22 Kellys Cove Kayak by Grindle2003-08-22 Kellys Cove Kayak by Grindle 2003-08-25 Bayside Artist by Oberg2003-08-25 Bayside Artist by Oberg 2003-08-26 Junior Allen and Sam by Samway2003-08-26 Junior Allen and Sam by Samway 2003-08-27 Hillcrest Cottage by Keats2003-08-27 Hillcrest Cottage by Keats 2003-08-28 Peter Goes to Belfast by Kelly2003-08-28 Peter Goes to Belfast by Kelly 2003-08-29 Galen Plummer by Samway2003-08-29 Galen Plummer by Samway 2003-09-01 Hurry Back by Samway2003-09-01 Hurry Back by Samway 2003-09-02 Bayside Late 70s by Kriel2003-09-02 Bayside Late 70s by Kriel 2003-09-03 Blackout from Duane2003-09-03 Blackout from Duane 2003-09-04 Auditorium Park Kids by Eastty2003-09-04 Auditorium Park Kids by Eastty 2003-09-05 Jake & Charlie on the Porch by Kelly2003-09-05 Jake & Charlie on the Porch by Kelly 2003-09-08 Kayla and Crab by Eastty2003-09-08 Kayla and Crab by Eastty 2003-09-09 Warming Up on the Dock by Lojek2003-09-09 Warming Up on the Dock by Lojek 2003-09-10 Brake Problem by Oberg2003-09-10 Brake Problem by Oberg 2003-09-11 Phase II Pipe by Merolla2003-09-11 Phase II Pipe by Merolla 2003-09-12 Penobscot Voyage by Merolla2003-09-12 Penobscot Voyage by Merolla 2003-09-18 Around Islesboro 1 by Merolla2003-09-18 Around Islesboro 1 by Merolla 2003-09-19 Bay Morning by Gilmore2003-09-19 Bay Morning by Gilmore 2003-09-22 Bayside Piggyback Race by Lojek2003-09-22 Bayside Piggyback Race by Lojek 2003-09-23 Bayside Aerial by Oberg2003-09-23 Bayside Aerial by Oberg 2003-09-24 Bracketts Channel by Huntoon2003-09-24 Bracketts Channel by Huntoon 2003-09-25 Yard Sale by Bravo2003-09-25 Yard Sale by Bravo 2003-09-26 Long-Time Friends by Keats2003-09-26 Long-Time Friends by Keats 2003-09-29 Maple Street by Smith2003-09-29 Maple Street by Smith 2003-09-30 Checking Events2003-09-30 Checking Events 2003-10-01 Weisenbach Takes Flight by Bravo2003-10-01 Weisenbach Takes Flight by Bravo 2003-10-02 Kelly Boys and Windjammer by Montgomery2003-10-02 Kelly Boys and Windjammer by Montgomery 2003-10-03 Dinghy Dock by Gilmore2003-10-03 Dinghy Dock by Gilmore 2003-10-06 Party Time 1985 from Bravo2003-10-06 Party Time 1985 from Bravo 2003-10-07 Feet Up by Smith2003-10-07 Feet Up by Smith 2003-10-08 Lovejoys by Keats2003-10-08 Lovejoys by Keats 2003-10-09 Moving Moorings by Guest2003-10-09 Moving Moorings by Guest 2003-10-10 Emerson Smith by Hall2003-10-10 Emerson Smith by Hall 2003-10-13 Rand Camp by Scholhamer2003-10-13 Rand Camp by Scholhamer 2003-10-14 Drying Out by Smith2003-10-14 Drying Out by Smith 2003-10-15 Traffic Ahead by Mabee2003-10-15 Traffic Ahead by Mabee 2003-10-16 Off Broadway by Scholhamer2003-10-16 Off Broadway by Scholhamer 2003-10-17 Kelly Cove by Kelly2003-10-17 Kelly Cove by Kelly 2003-10-20 Rainbow 1 by Bradford2003-10-20 Rainbow 1 by Bradford 2003-10-20B Rainbow 2 by Bradford2003-10-20B Rainbow 2 by Bradford 2003-10-21 Port of Gold by Mabee2003-10-21 Port of Gold by Mabee 2003-10-22 Flip Flop by Kalady2003-10-22 Flip Flop by Kalady 2003-10-23 Bracketts Traffic by Mabee2003-10-23 Bracketts Traffic by Mabee 2003-10-24 Updated Bangor by Lojek2003-10-24 Updated Bangor by Lojek 2003-10-27 Bay Rise by Mabee2003-10-27 Bay Rise by Mabee 2003-10-28 Bayside Anchorage by Kelly2003-10-28 Bayside Anchorage by Kelly 2003-10-29 Apogee by Lightner2003-10-29 Apogee by Lightner 2003-10-30 Hauling Daysailers by Lojek2003-10-30 Hauling Daysailers by Lojek 2003-10-31 Bayside Sunset by Lojek2003-10-31 Bayside Sunset by Lojek 2003-11-03 Little River Dam by Mabee2003-11-03 Little River Dam by Mabee 2003-11-04 John Paints Main Street by Smith2003-11-04 John Paints Main Street by Smith 2003-11-05 Adventure by Lightner2003-11-05 Adventure by Lightner 2003-11-06 Sea Wall Construction by Higgins2003-11-06 Sea Wall Construction by Higgins 2003-11-07 Treehouse by Smith2003-11-07 Treehouse by Smith 2003-11-10 Row by Mabee2003-11-10 Row by Mabee 2003-11-11 Dinghies by Gillock2003-11-11 Dinghies by Gillock 2003-11-12 Shelter by Christin2003-11-12 Shelter by Christin 2003-11-13 Endeavor in Camden by Kelly2003-11-13 Endeavor in Camden by Kelly 2003-11-14 Rigging 32003-11-14 Rigging 3 2003-11-17 Maeve LeClair at Park by Christin2003-11-17 Maeve LeClair at Park by Christin 2003-11-18 New Arrival by Smith2003-11-18 New Arrival by Smith 2003-11-19 Moving Moorings 2 by Guest2003-11-19 Moving Moorings 2 by Guest 2003-11-20 Beached Moorings by Gilmore2003-11-20 Beached Moorings by Gilmore 2003-11-21 Kids Games by Bravo2003-11-21 Kids Games by Bravo 2003-11-24 November Full Moon by Samway2003-11-24 November Full Moon by Samway 2003-11-25 Little Women2003-11-25 Little Women 2003-11-26 No Boats by Gilmore2003-11-26 No Boats by Gilmore 2003-11-27 Thanksgiving in Maine by Smith2003-11-27 Thanksgiving in Maine by Smith 2003-11-28 Sunset Under Wharf2003-11-28 Sunset Under Wharf 2003-12-03 Shore Road Construction by Williams2003-12-03 Shore Road Construction by Williams 2003-12-04 Bayside Swinger by Smith2003-12-04 Bayside Swinger by Smith 2003-12-05 NYC Race by Witherill2003-12-05 NYC Race by Witherill 2003-12-08 Bayside Storm by Gilmore2003-12-08 Bayside Storm by Gilmore 2003-12-09 Ruggles Park from Wharf by Gilmore2003-12-09 Ruggles Park from Wharf by Gilmore 2003-12-10 Rogers Lane by Gilmore2003-12-10 Rogers Lane by Gilmore 2003-12-11 Bayside Beneath by Mabee2003-12-11 Bayside Beneath by Mabee 2003-12-12 Kelly Cove by Gilmore2003-12-12 Kelly Cove by Gilmore 2003-12-15 Icy Peaks of Ruggles Park by Samway2003-12-15 Icy Peaks of Ruggles Park by Samway 2003-12-16 Fog Rolls in 12003-12-16 Fog Rolls in 1 2003-12-17 Back to Bayside by Kelly2003-12-17 Back to Bayside by Kelly 2003-12-18 Low Low Tide by Lojek 2003-12-18 Low Low Tide by Lojek2003-12-19 Wharf in Fog 12003-12-19 Wharf in Fog 1 2003-12-22 First Ice by Mabee2003-12-22 First Ice by Mabee 2003-12-23 Merithew Square Cottages2003-12-23 Merithew Square Cottages 2003-12-24  Barnacle View of Moorings by Bennett2003-12-24 Barnacle View of Moorings by Bennett 2003-12-25 Tree Lighting by Huntoon2003-12-25 Tree Lighting by Huntoon 2003-12-26 Lee Sailing by Bennett2003-12-26 Lee Sailing by Bennett 2003-12-29 Little River Waterfall by Lojek2003-12-29 Little River Waterfall by Lojek 2003-12-30 Park Row View by Gilmore2003-12-30 Park Row View by Gilmore 2003-12-31 Pre-Sunrise by Lojek2003-12-31 Pre-Sunrise by Lojek